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Dutch food

For a small country, the Netherlands has a lot of dishes and food that you can only buy in Holland. Liquorice, peanut butter from Calvé, chocolate sprinkles, Chocomel, croquettes and cheese are often smashed in en masse when a Dutchman living abroad visits his homeland. But from now on you don't have to bring a heavy suitcase with Dutch food: you can easily order Dutch food at Hollandshop24.

Dutch dishes

From stew in the winter to our own Dutch variant of Asian food: we like to stick to our habits. And so we put an Indonesian rice table on the table when family eat with it and we bake apple pie for a birthday. The height of winter food in the Netherlands: pea soup from Unox or a tasty stew with gravy, bacon and Gelderland smoked sausage. Of course you can buy smoked sausage and various soups from us. We ship worldwide, so you can quickly enjoy.

Typical Dutch food products

Our webshop helps you to get your favourite Dutch food in the house. From your favourite Pickwick tea to Chocomel and Fristi for example. But also flakes, mice from De Ruijter, Lays chips, nuts and sambal. Take a look at all our Asian food to make your own delicious nasi goreng or Indonesian rice table. Do you prefer to bake? We have many types of baking and cake mixes by Dr. Oetker in our assortment.

Dutch food from the fryer

What do you think about when you think about typical Dutch food? Many people think of sprinkles, cheese and of course croquettes. Would you like your guests abroad to get acquainted with Dutch food from the fryer? In our webshop you will find many types of snacks, such as croquettes. But of course we also sell bitterballs, meat rolls, bami slices, chicken corns and Mexicano's from well-known brands such as Beckers and Mora. You can even buy the frying pan and the frying fat from us. And don't forget the dutch sauces, such as chipsauce from Remia or Calvé, mustard, Joppie sauce or Wijko saté sauce.

Order food from the Netherlands online

Order your favourite Dutch ingredients and foods online now and you'll have them in your home in no time. If you live in Germany, you can expect your order within one to two working days. If you live within the EU, such as in France or Spain, the package will be delivered within four working days. Do you live in Europe, but not in the EU? Then you can expect your Dutch food within five to seven working days. If you live further away, such as in the US, it will take about ten working days for your package to arrive.