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Salty Liquorice

Dutch Liquorice - salt

Drop is such a standard candy that most Dutch people like to take it back to their home abroad after a visit to the Netherlands. Salt liquorice is very popular with us, the Dutch. Therefore you will find a wide range of salt liquorice and double salt liquorice in our assortment. Of course, salty liquorice is also a must! From double salt liquorice from Venco to the delicious Oldtimers from Autodrop: we have it all in our assortment! You can also buy sugar-free liquorice from us. We only sell liquorice from quality brands such as Venco, Klene, Autodrop, Meenk and de Bron.

Buy Salmiak liquorice

Salmiak liquorice comes in all kinds of forms: from hard salmiakrondo's from Venco to stuffed liquorice sticks and the famous salmiakriksen from Klene. Whether soft or hard: salmiak liquorice is a great success. The salty, spicy taste is very popular. Of course we also sell the famous black and white salmiak powder and salmiak bullets from Napoleon.

Oldtimers from Autodrop

The Oldtimer selection of Autodrop stands for quality. This allows you to enjoy excellent liquorice with a special taste. The fun begins when you open the beautiful box. Oldtimers come in all kinds of different flavours, such as mildly salted Hindelooper diamond liquorice and black and white Salmiak vowels.

Venco licorice

Of course, Venco liquorice should not be missing in the assortment of a webshop with Dutch food. Venco comes with classics such as double salt liquorice, school crayon liquorice, black and white and farm liquorice. In addition, they also have innovative mixes, such as a pondsuit with salt mix or with the most popular Venco liquorice. Would you like to take the liquorice along the way? Then choose a suit with four rolls of Venco Topdrop!

Ordering Klene and Venco liquorice from Holland

Would you like to order Klene liquorice, sugar-free Klene liquorice Venco liquorice, Harlequin or Oldtimers? Put your favourite salt liquorice in the digital shopping basket and order it online at Hollandshop24. We will ship your liquorice as soon as possible to your address abroad. Take a look at the other products in our assortment, such as Dutch cheese or delicious Chocomel. Do you live in Germany? Then you have your order within one to two working days. Within the EU you can expect the package within four working days. In the rest of Europe this is five to seven working days. Do you live in the US? Your Dutch food will arrive here within about ten working days. What are you waiting for? Order your salt liquorice quickly!