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Salty Liquorice

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Order Nederlandse Drop online - Large selection of original Dutch salty liquorice.

Order Drop uit Nederland? Of course you can with us. offers you a large selection of sweet, salty and sugar-free liquorice from the Netherlands.

In this category we present our salty liquorice (zoute drop). Browse our category and discover our top Dutch brands such as Klene, Venco or Harlekijntjes. Just super lekker.

You miss real Dutch liquorice? Not with us.

At you receive only original products directly from the Netherlands. These were produced for the Dutch market and thus guarantee the true taste of nederlandse drop as you know and love it.

Zoute Drop is also very popular in the Netherlands. Germans especially love double-salted liquorice or salty hard and salty soft liquorice. The selection is of course much larger in Holland and so we can offer you a great assortment of salty liquorice at this point. Order your favourite lakritz directly to your home.

Some Dutch vocabulary for buying liquorice
Zout = salty
Zoet = sweet
Zacht = soft
Hard = hard