Dutch Frozen Snacks

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++ NEW: Express shipping ++ now
From now on, our frozen products will only be shipped via DHL Express, as we are switching to a new cooling method. By direct we also only ship within Germany.
As usual, there are special shipping days during the week. However, these have been supplemented by the express dispatch by two further days. TK products are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Orders for same day shipping must be received and paid for by 11am. There will be no shipping before holidays.

The recipient is still obliged to accept the order in order to guarantee the cold chain. Shipping to a post office or packing station is unfortunately not possible. For further information on TK shipping, please refer to our Payment and Frozen Food Shipping page.


Dutch frozen snacks order online

Bitterballs, croquettes or a delicious frikandel: which Dutch snacks do you miss most abroad? With our frozen snacks you can make the tastiest things in a frying pan, airfryer or oven in no time. In our range of Dutch snacks you will find delicacies from quality brands such as Mora, Van Dobben, the Burgundian, Horeca Select and Beckers. All these products can be ordered online and will be delivered within a few working days. We ship worldwide!

Order bitterballs and croquettes

You can easily make bitterballs and croquettes yourself with the handy croquette filling from Van Dobben. But it is even easier to order your favourite Dutch deep-frying snacks online. Whether you choose a delicious chicken grain, cheese soufflé or a pair of cheese croquettes: we have it all in our assortment. Buy the Dutch snacks to introduce your foreign friends to bitterballs or a frikandel or enjoy it with the rest of your Dutch family. Of course, Mora's oven snacks should not be missing at a birthday party full of Dutch people.

Airfryer and oven snacks

Choose a responsible snack by preparing them in the airfryer or oven. This way you don't have to use deep-frying fat to prepare your bitterballs. This makes the Dutch snacks a lot healthier. We sell Mora beef croquettes, bitterballs, chicken corns (kipkorn) and snack mixes for the airfryer. These snacks can often also be prepared in the oven. Especially for the oven we also have, in addition to the previously mentioned snacks, delicious spring rolls from Horeca Select. Serve with a nice fresh sweet chilli sauce and order mustard sauce immediately to make a croquette sandwich.

Buy Dutch snacks online

Would you like to enjoy a delicious fries with a frikandel, bamischijf or cheese soufflé? Place your order quickly at Hollandshop24. You can complete your order by directly ordering Friessauce ( fritessaus), mayonnaise, Joppie sauce or Diamond deep-frying fat. You can even buy a deep fryer from us! The delivery time for our bitterballs, croquettes and the rest of our assortment within Germany is one to two working days. Within the EU this is four working days, in the rest of Europe five to seven working days in the US ten working days.