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Dutch Baking Mixes and supplies

Baking mixes from Koopmans

From grandma's apple pie to the delicious pancakes of the past: if you live abroad, then Dutch food is undoubtedly something you miss. That's why Hollandshop24 sells Koopmans baking mix and cake mix. With this mix you can also bake the best bread and cakes abroad. Of course, we also offer a mix of doughnuts, self-raising baking flour and pancake mix. You can easily order these products online. We deliver worldwide!

Koopmans bread mix

The bread as you know it from the Netherlands is probably not available at the place where you live. By baking bread with the Koopmans bread mix, you make a delicious, fragrant and healthy bread. These bread mixes are suitable for use in the oven, but also in the bread machine. And most beautiful of all: you know exactly which ingredients go into your bread. Homemade bread tastes best if you eat it while it is still warm. And with a slice of real Dutch cheese or sprinkles (Hagelslag), it becomes even tastier. Koopmans' bread mix is available in various varieties, such as white bread or extra dark farmhouse bread.

Dutch Apple pie recipe and cake mix

Who didn't have a grandmother who could bake delicious apple pie? Many Dutch people have warm memories of the apple pie with whipped cream that was always on the table every birthday. And if you were lucky, then the apple pie recipe was shared with you as well. With Koopmans' cake mix for apple pie and apple-cinnamon cake, baking a delicious apple pie recipe becomes even easier. With most cake mixes you only need to add butter, water, apples and raisins.

Self-raising baking flour

Are you going to bake pancakes, cakes, cakes or bread? Koopmans self-raising baking flour is the best basis for your baking. If you use self-raising baking flour, you don't need to use baking powder. This has already been incorporated into the flour. This is therefore an indispensable ingredient for delicious apple pie, biscuits and cakes. You can also use it in your own bread mix or poffertjesmix. Would you rather buy ready-made poffertjesmix? Of course you can! You will find it in our assortment, as well as syrup and icing sugar.

Buying a pancake and Poffertjes mix

Need a merchant baking mix abroad? Then order it online from us! You can easily buy all your favourite baking and cake mixes and we ship them worldwide. The popular pancake and pancake mix from Koopmans for example, but also cake mix for cake and butter cake can be found in our assortment. And in the right season you can also come to us for baking mixes for herb nuts, speculaas and oliebollenmix. If you live in Germany, you will receive your order within one to two working days. In the EU it takes about four working days. In the rest of Europe it is five to seven working days. We also ship outside Europe. Order your Koopmans baking mixes online at Hollandshop24!