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Dip Sauce

We Dutch like to dip. A sauce with the meat, a spice mix over the fish and a drinks board are not complete without a dip sauce. Wherever possible, we Dutch like to add a delicious sauce. Because, as you say yourself, nothing tastes better than a chip dipped in a Duyvis dip sauce or homemade herb butter on a baguette?! All Hollandshop24 products are shipped worldwide. You can expect your order within two weeks in the United States! So you can enjoy Dutch food anywhere in the world.

Duyvis dip sauce

Whether you're gourmet or barbecuing, you can't miss a Duyvis dip sauce. It goes well with the meat, but also with the fries or on a baguette. If you can't afford to miss the Dutch sauces, you can simply let Hollandshop24 come over to you abroad. Take a look at the assortment and discover your favourite taste! In addition to Duyvis dip sauce, we also have the well-known nuts of this brand in our assortment. We have them in different flavours such as the popular oriental and cocktail varieties and of course the Duyvis tiger nuts.

Dip sauce for chips

A chip goes in with everyone, but with a special dip sauce the chips get a special flavor. What's more, you can turn something very simple into a tasty snack for a birthday or party. For example, tortilla chips with one of Duyvis's dips are delicious for a drink. In our assortment we have different flavours for variety. A tasty Dutch dip to go with salty lays chips can be purchased online at Hollandshop24.

Spice mix for dip sauce

A homemade dip sauce still tastes better than a sauce from a jar. With the herb mix for dip, you can get started in the kitchen. And these dip sauces are fortunately made in no time at all. All you have to do is add mayonnaise and water to the herb mix and you already have a delicious dip sauce on the table. By the way, you can also order the one and only Calvé Mayonnaise from us, so you can be sure that the dip sauce will have the same familiar taste as the sauces when you lived in the Netherlands. Don't let the water run into your mouth any longer and order your dip sauces at Hollandshop24!