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Other Asian products

Other Asian ingredients

In addition to Dutch cuisine, Hollandshop24 also sells plenty of food from Asian cuisine. Although you may live in an eastern country, the typical taste of brands such as Conimex, Wijko and Kung-Fu are indispensable all over the world. When you order Dutch food from us, you will have your package, including the Asian ingredients, delivered quickly. Within the European Union this is within four working days, in America about ten working days.

Ready-made dishes

If you don't feel like cooking extensively, then Conimex and Kung-Fu's ready-to-eat dishes are the answer. With these herb mixes you can make the most delicious nasi or noodles in no time at all. Of course, these ready-made dishes should not be without Wijko's sate sauce. You only need to add milk or water to the pan with the sate sauce to prepare the sauce. With Conimex's ready-made dishes, you can turn rice or noodles into a delicious meal, just as you were used to in the Netherlands.

Crisp crackers and cassava

To complete an Asian dish, you can serve prawn crackers and cassava with the meal. This is a typical side dish from Indonesian cuisine and tastes delicious as a snack with an oriental dish. We have various types of prawn crackers such as natural, with sateen flavour or prawn crackers in large pieces. For vegetarians we have cassava prawn crackers that are made from the cassava plant and not from shrimps.

Meatballs in peanut sauce

We Dutch love meatballs. And these are even tastier when served in peanut sauce. As a Dutchman, these delicious meatballs in Unox satay sauce are a big loss. The meatballs in peanut sauce from Unox are fortunately with us to order. Delicious with an oriental dish, fries or as a snack at a party. For those who like spice, we have delicious meatballs in spicy peanut sauce from Unox.

Other Asian food

Other Asian food products that you can order at Hollandshop24 include skewers and wok oil. So even if you live abroad, you can enjoy Asian cuisine in Dutch! We've thought of everything. Hollandshop24 delivers worldwide and you are assured of a fast delivery. That means: no more waiting months for family members from the Netherlands with suitcases full of Dutch food, but just ordering online from us!