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Chocolate Flakes

Chocolate Flakes from the Netherlands

Almost as popular as sprinkles are flakes. This spread is also made of chocolate and is therefore good for a good appetite. Haven't you eaten a roll with flakes in years? Pamper yourself by buying a pack of flakes at Hollandshop24! In our assortment you will find De Ruijter flakes, Venz flakes and flakes in all kinds of variations and flavours. We ship worldwide, so you can also enjoy this typical Dutch delicacy abroad.

De Ruijter flakes

A typical Dutch breakfast is not complete without a roll with De Ruijter flakes. From pure flakes or flake feast with milk and white flakes: De Ruijter has a wide range of these crunchy pieces of chocolate. There are even generous flakes for lovers. These are extra dark and therefore more intense in taste. Only white flakes from De Ruijter can be purchased from us. Don't want to have to choose? Buy our discount package with all types of De Ruijter flakes!

Venz Chocolate flakes

Of course you can also buy flakes of that other famous brand at Hollandshop24: Venz flakes. Venz makes flakes extra fun, by making them in different colors. For example, they have dangerously tasty jungle tiger flakes and crocodile flakes. In addition to the most delicious Venz flakes, there are also chocolate funnies in the packs. How about Minions flakes for the children?

White, dark and milk chocolate flakes

Flakes come in all sorts of flavours. The crispy chocolate decoration is delicious on bread or even better: on a white ball with butter. But you can also use flakes as cake decoration or in desserts. With the Venz mini suits you don't have to choose: you can simply taste all the popular flavours sprinkles and flakes.

Buy dutch chcolateflakes online

If you buy your flakes today at Hollandshop24, they will be delivered quickly. We ship your Dutch food immediately, so you can quickly enjoy a ball of flakes, chocolate sprinkles or maybe even peanut butter! Your order will be delivered within one to two working days in Germany, within four working days in the EU and within five to seven working days in the rest of Europe. If you live further away, such as in the United States, it will take about ten working days for your package to be delivered.