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Dutch Rusk with Muisjes

Rusk with mice is a typical Dutch tradition. And you can also enjoy it abroad! Order your De Ruijter mice and Bolletje rusk online at Hollandshop24, and we will ship it to your address abroad. Our webshop delivers online to Dutch people who live abroad. With us you can buy typical Dutch dishes, ingredients and things you need for your typical Dutch birth tradition. Before you know it you can eat biscuits with mice!

Pink and blue aniseed mice from De Ruijter

Who doesn't know them: De Ruijter's pink and blue mice? These tasty mice are made from mashed aniseed with a layer of sugar around it. The mice are crunchy and taste delicious on a biscuit. Are you due to give birth soon and would you like to introduce your in-laws and friends to the Dutch tradition of biscuits with mice? In our assortment you will find pink and white mice for when you are expecting a girl and blue and white mice for when you are having a boy.

Bolletje Rusk from Holland

The only real rusk is made by Bolletje. That's why you can find this rusk in our webshop. Bolletje rusk is known for its brittle structure and delicious taste. In addition to the ordinary natural rusk, there are also other variations. Think for example of fibre-rich multi-seed rusk or whole-grain rusk from Bolletje. Everything you need to make a success of your birth happiness!

Buy Bolletje Rusk and De Ruijter Muisjes

Order your rusk and pink or blue mice online at Hollandshop24! We make sure that your parcel will be delivered to you as soon as possible. This way you can be sure that you can treat your mice with biscuits after giving birth. And if you still place that order, buy your other favorite Dutch dishes and ingredients. Think for example of chocolate sprinkles, smoked sausage or Tony's Chocolonely chocolate. Our packages are delivered within one to two working days in Germany. Within the EU there is a delivery time of four working days. Do you live in the rest of Europe? Then you can expect your package between five and seven working days. It takes about ten working days for your package to arrive in the United States. Celebrating a birth? You can do this in Dutch with biscuits and mice.