Spread & Sprinkles

Bread spreads and Chocolate Sprinkles from the Netherlands

Do you long for the cosy and tasty breakfasts from the Netherlands? You can buy caramelized biscuitsspread, Chcolate and sweet sprinkles, peanut butter and chocolate flakes easily and safely online at Hollandshop24! Wherever in the world you live you can enjoy these typical Dutch food. Buy sprinkles and flakes from De Ruijter or Venz, peanut butter from Calvé, sandwich spread from Heinz and the famous Speculoos from Lotus online with us.

Buy Sprinkles ( Dutch = Hagelslag)  online

Would you like to serve a typical Dutch breakfast? Then of course Dutch bread spread should not be missing. Buy your chocolate sprinkles online, then your guests or family members can also get acquainted with this delicacy. We sell the famous brands Venz and De Ruijter. Of course you can come to us for sprinkles in milk or pure, but we also sell flakes, fruit sprinkles, forest fruit sprinkles, XXL sprinkles, anise sprinkles and much more! Was a child born? Then treat yourself to rusk with mice! In our assortment you will find pink and blue De Ruijter mice and also stamped mice.

Lotus Speculoos Cookies Spread

Lotus caramelized biscuits are famous for their delicious caramelized ash taste. It tastes like eating mashed speculoos on your bread, but then of course much creamier. There are various types of Speculoos available, such as a crunchy variant. Also Duo Penotti and other sweet spreads, such as white chocolate spread, coconut paste, caramel syrup waffle paste and the Bebogeen you buy online from us. The peanut butter cheeses from Mister Kitchen give peanut butter a completely different dimension with their original flavours like sea salt caramel.

Apple syrup, sandwich spread and Cookies on Bread

Enjoy a fresh sandwich with apple syrup. The amount of iron makes it a very healthy kind of sandwich filling! From the traditional rinse apple syrup to apple cinnamon syrup from Frutesse: we have it all. Also Heinz sandwich spread should not be missing in your fridge. This fresh spread is delicious and healthy. Or choose Unox liver pie or Marmite! Are you looking for something nice and crunchy for bread or in your dessert? Use the funny and tasty shaken bellies of Bolletje!

Order Sweet Sandwich Spread, sprinkles and peanut butter online

Enjoy a typical Dutch bread meal with the sandwich filling of Hollandshop24. We have a wide assortment, with all kinds of sprinkles and flakes, peanut butter and of course caramelized biscuits. Do you like cheese more? We also sell real Dutch cheese! The delivery time for a package within the European Union is about four working days. Your package to the US will be delivered within ten working days. Do you live in Germany? Then you will receive your parcel within one to two working days.