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Soy Sauce / Ketjap Manis & Asin

Asian soy sauces: Our classics Ketjap Manis and Ketjap Asin

In Asia, soy sauce is used as a seasoning for many dishes. Indonesian soy sauces such as Ketjap Manis and Ketjap Asin can give your food, depending on the ingredients, a spicy but also sweet note. Its ingredients make the dark soy sauce more than just a seasoning. Indonesian soy sauce contains a lot of good protein. Ketjap Manis contains as dark soy sauce antioxidants, which serve for cell protection.

Ketjap Manis and Ketjap Asin

The two classic Indonesian soy sauces are Ketjap Manis and Ketjap Asin. The two thick, dark sauces come from Malaysia, Indonesia and are considered the basic seasoning of this cuisine. The dark version of the soy sauce rounds off hot and spicy dishes as well as sushi perfectly.

The viscous Ketjap Manis sauce is very suitable as a basic seasoning for various dishes - both vegetable and rice dishes and dishes with fish and meat are given an aromatic, slightly sweetish note by the sauce. The sweet soy sauce makes an excellent dip. The taste of the viscous soy sauce Ketjap Manis is salty but at the same time mild and sweet due to the sugar used in it.

It is recommended to season the dishes only at the end with Ketjap Manis, because it burns easily. The sauce is not recommended for marinating and later roasting, as it burns too easily. Instead, add the Ketjap Manis sauce just before serving. Ketjap Manis is very good for seasoning.

The soy sauce Ketjap Asin is thinner in consistency than Ketjap Manis and has a salty, bitter-sweet note. It resembles Japanese soy sauce, but is rarely used.

Ketjap Asin is a hearty seasoning sauce from Indonesia and is often used for marinating meat, fish and poultry or as a table seasoning.

Soy sauces are served with bami, nasi or saté or in Asian sauces and soups. Both soy sauces should be kept chilled after opening and consumed within 2-3 months.

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Did you know that?
The British brought the name "Ketjap" from Malaysia and named a famous tomato sauce after it: ketchup.