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Cooled products

Frying and roasting

The butter in which you fry and fry meat says a lot about the taste of the meat. Haven't found the perfect cooking butter abroad yet? At Hollandshop24 you can fry and fry the familiar flavours of butter from Croma or buy Blue Band frying and frying online and have them delivered to you abroad. We ship worldwide!

Croma baking & roasting

Frying or frying meat? That's what you do with Croma! Frying and frying Croma will brown faster and melt more quickly than ordinary margarine. This means that Croma baking & frying is at an earlier temperature and the meat is cooked immediately. With Croma, the meat remains tender and juicy. Frying and roasting Croma not only gives the meat a delicious, characteristic flavour, but also the gravy. Moreover, this frying butter consists of 98% vegetable oils and fats, so that it does not spatter.

Blue Band frying & roasting

Besides Croma, we have another brand in our range that is familiar for cooking, baking and roasting: Blue Band baking & roasting. This frying butter is packaged in the old-fashioned margarine wrappers. The butter contains 43% less saturated fats than butter. With Blue Band frying & roasting you can fry the meat deliciously tender and juicy.

Making dutch meatballs

The best meatball? That's still the meatball you make yourself. Making your own meatballs is actually a cooking job of nothing. Especially when you use Verstegen's meatballs. Mix 10 grams of the mix with 500 grams of minced meat and possibly add some rusk (Bolletje Rusk) or breadcrumbs. Turn it into balls and heat Croma frying & roasting or Blue Band frying & roasting in a pan. Fry the meatballs on a medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes until brown and cooked. Then remove the meatballs from the pan, add 150 millilitres of water to the frying fat and let it boil down for a tasty gravy.

Buy frying butter online

You can buy Dutch butter online at Hollandshop24. With brands such as Croma baking & roasting and Blue Band baking & roasting, you can be sure that the meat tastes just as tender and juicy as it used to be in the Netherlands. And don't forget the characteristic flavour of the gravy! When you buy butter online from us, you will receive your order in no time at all. We ship worldwide with DHL; within the European Union you can expect your order within four working days and in America within ten working days.