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Asian Kitchen Mixes

Indonesian and Asian herbs buy online

With ready-made Indonesian herbs and herb mixes you can make the tastiest Asian dishes in no time at all. The Eastern herbs in our range are from top brands such as Conimex and Kung Fu. Enjoy delicious spicy beans with the sajoer boemboe or make your own nasi goreng, babi ketjap or bami. All our herb mixes can be ordered online and will be delivered within a few working days. Do you live in Germany? Then the parcel delivery driver will be at your door within one to two working days with your order with Dutch ingredients. We ship worldwide, so you can enjoy our Asian herb mixes anywhere in the world.

Order Nasi and Bami Spices Mix online

When you think of oriental dishes as we know them in the Netherlands, you probably soon think of nasi and bami. There are all kinds of variants: from ordinary nasi and noodles to nasi special or noodles goreng. With the oriental herbs of Conimex you make the tastiest dishes. In our assortment of ready-made mixes you will also find boemboes, herb mixes for babi pangang, babi ketjap, tap tjoy and foo yong hai. Make delicious rendang meat or sajoer beans by adding a tree book. Of course we have a wide range of sambal to complement your dish.

Oriental herbs and other Conimex spices

Make delicious spicy nasi goreng or noodles goreng with spice mixes of Conimex and Kung Fu. All you have to do is add rice or noodles and vegetables. With the ready-made mixes of Conimex you make a nice rice table as you were used to in the Netherlands. By mixing the herb mix with noodles or rice you will have a delicious base. It is therefore logical that our Indonesian herbs are a great success in our webshop. Combine your rice table with a delicious peanut sauce from Calvé or the real Wijko satay sauce that you can prepare yourself.

Order Asian herbs and Food at Hollandshop24

Make a delicious Indonesian rice table with the Indonesian and Asian herbs of Conimex and Kung Fu. With our ready-made mixes you can put the most delicious, fragrant oriental dishes on the table in no time. Do you live in the European Union? Then the delivery time for your package is about four working days. The delivery time for the rest of Europe is five to seven working days. And if you live in the United States, you will receive your order with Indonesian herbs in about ten working days.