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Coated Nuts

Coated Nuts from Holland

Would you like to introduce your friends or family abroad to nuts and tiger nuts? Or do you fancy this delicious snack yourself? Then buy these crispy, savoury balls online at Hollandshop24! You can buy all kinds of nuts and tiger nuts from us, which we ship worldwide. Whether you're throwing a party and want to share it, or just want to enjoy the nuts yourself: with us you've come to the right place! In no time at all you will receive the most delicious Duyvis nuts abroad.

Coated Nuts and tiger nuts from Duyvis

You can set the clock on it: on every birthday in the Netherlands, nuts are served. These are peanuts, covered with a spicy, crispy layer. The nuts often have different colours and a savoury taste. Of course you can choose from all kinds of different flavours of nuts and tiger nuts from Duyvis. From the traditional cocktail taste to Provence or Oriental nuts: you will find it in our assortment. For parties we also have delicious bitterballs, from top brands such as Mora or Van Dobben. Don't forget to order mustard sauce.

Tiger coated nuts

Tiger nuts are the spotted varieties of nuts. They often have a nice spicy taste and of course a crispy bite. In our assortment you will find tiger nuts of Duyvis in different flavours. Choose for the savoury bacon cheese flavour, for paprika fiesta or for the delicious taste of barbecue peppers. Even if you like Lay's chips, you will be in the right place with us. From dispensing bags to Wokkels, you will find it all in our chips category.

Buy coated nuts online

Buy your Duyvis nuts and tiger nuts online at Hollandshop24! We will ship your order as soon as possible. If you live in Germany, you will receive your package within one to two working days. If you live within the European Union, a delivery time of four working days applies. Within the rest of Europe it takes about five to seven working days. For parcels sent to the US, a delivery time of about ten working days applies.