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Sugar Free

Sugar-free candy

If you have a healthy lifestyle, but still want to eat sweets now and then, then sugar-free sweets are a godsend. Sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free liquorice, sugar-free peppermint or sugar-free wine gums can all be found in the assortment of Hollandshop24. These products contribute to a healthy diet. Sugar-free sweets are a good contribution to a diet in which you want to lose weight, but also if you simply have a conscious and healthy diet. We ship our sugar-free sweets worldwide!

Sugar-free chocolate

Who doesn't like a piece of chocolate? Unfortunately, most chocolate bars and chocolates are full of sugar. That makes them extra tasty, but it often doesn't fit into a diet. De Bron's sugar-free chocolate only contains natural sugars. So no extra sugar is added to the chocolate. The Dark chocolate bars from de Bron are not only made without extra added sugars, but also contain a high percentage of cocoa. This allows you to enjoy a piece of chocolate without sugar without feeling guilty.

Klene and venco sugar-free liquorice

Klene sugar-free liquorice is available in many different varieties. Klene has developed a wide range of sugar-free liquorice especially for the eater in question. And the great thing is: this liquorice tastes the same as liquorice with sugar. Klene sugar-free is sweetened with the natural stevia. You can choose from a lot of different types of sugar-free licorice and candy, such as double salt dice, winegum fruit tokens, mint drop, Wybert licorice, ademin and eucalyptus vegetables.

Sugar-free candy: toffees, peppermint and winegums

From toffees to peppermint and from winegums to chewing gum from Sportlife: more and more sugar-free sweets are being produced. It is no longer necessary to come up with too much candy. Enjoy delicious sugar-free peppermint after dinner or take a sachet of sugar-free wine gums with you in the car when you go on a trip. Much of our sugar-free sweets are produced by the Source. This is a conscious brand with lots of sugar-free, gluten-free and gelatine-free sweets. 

Buying sugar-free sweets

Buy your sugar-free liquorice, sugar-free chocolate without sugar, sugar-free peppermint and other sugar-free sweets online at Hollandshop24! Do you have trouble buying conscious food in your country of residence? We make it easy for you: we ship your sugar-free candy immediately and you will receive it within a few working days. Shipping to Germany takes one to two working days, within the EU four working days and within the rest of Europe five to seven working days. Would you like to receive sugar-free sweets in the US? Then your package will take about ten working days.