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Pea soup or pea mustache is the dish that many people think of when they think of a typical Dutch dish. Whether it's Unox or homemade: pea soup is a traditional dish that is eaten in winter and evokes many memories. Would you like to enjoy kale with smoked sausage or a delicious meatball during a cold winter? Or just treat yourself to rusk with mice when a little one is born? Then take a look at all our Dutch dishes and ingredients and buy them quickly and safely online at Hollandshop24.

Pea soup from Unox

Warm and nice on a cold evening with Soups of Unox. Besides pea soup you will find many more delicious Unox soups in our assortment. Choose chicken soup, brown bean soup, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, firm tomato soup or onion soup for example. Would you rather make your own soup? The Honig soup mixes give you a tasty base. And the soup balls of Unox you can just buy from us.

Dutch Meatballs and smoked sausage

Are you going to make old-fashioned meatballs? Then use Frying & Baking from Blue Band or Croma. And don't forget the right herbs! You can also find ready-made meatballs in our assortment. Rather smoked sausage? Of course you can also buy these online in our webshop. We sell delicious Dutch dishes in pots, such as brown beans, white beans in tomato sauce, kale, apple sauce, broad beans, capuchins, beetroot and broad beans. Or what about stewed pears?

Brinta, Bolletje rusk and gingerbread

Hooray, a baby was born! Of course we celebrate that with rusk with mice. And you can also do that if you live abroad. In the assortment of our webshop you will find De Ruijter mice and also rusk van Bolletje. Other popular breakfast products of Hollandshop24 are Peijnenburg gingerbread, ginger biscuit and candy biscuit. Do you really like porridge? Don't forget to put a pack of Brinta in your digital shopping basket.

Buy Dutch Snert and smoked sausage online

Whether it is winter or summer: from now on you can always enjoy a smoked sausage from Unox. Combine it with a delicious stew or pea soup. You can also buy other typical Dutch dishes and breakfast products from us. We only sell quality brands like Unox, HAK, Verstegen, Honig and Knorr. If you live in the US, you will receive your order within about ten working days. Within the EU we deliver within four working days.