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Sprinkles - Hagelslag

Buy Hagelslag (crumble) from Holland online - of course you can do that with us

We offer you a large selection of hagelslag and vlokken from the Netherlands. We offer chocolate sprinkles, fruit sprinkles, XXL sprinkles, Kwinkslag and aniseed sprinkles. We also offer the popular Vlokken chocolates in the flavours whole milk, dark chocolate and Vlokfeest.

Order chocolate sprinkles worldwide

Chocolate sprinkles are often only used for cakes and biscuits. Only Dutch connoisseurs know that these delicious chocolate sprinkles are also used in the Netherlands as a delicious, sweet topping. In many Dutch hotels, hagelslag are offered at the breakfast buffet, so that even people from aboard have the opportunity to hagelslag on a roll of butter and try it. Simply delicious, sweet and beautifully chocolaty.

Hagelslag many variations
Hagelslag is a typical Dutch product. In Holland, hail is sprinkled on a slice of bread or toast with butter as a sweet topping. There is a wide variety of different hailstorm products. Here is a small overview:

  • Hagelslag Melk: These are milk chocolate crumbles, creamy-sweet and full-bodied.
  • Hagelslag Puur: Chocolate sprinkles made from the best dark chocolate. Here you can taste the high cocoa content.
  • Kwinkslag: Mixed hail with sprinkles of dark chocolate and milk chocolate sprinkles.
  • Witte Hagelslag: Chocolate sprinkles made of white chocolate. Nice and sweet and tasty.
  • XXL Hail: Extra large chocolate sprinkles.
  • Vruchtenhagel: Fruity-sugar sprinkles without chocolate
  • Aniseed hail: Aniseed crumble with aniseed oil. 
  • Muisjes: Small hail, more round than elongated. At the birth of a girl pink and white Muisjes and at the birth of a boy blue and white Musisjes are often given out on a slice of Beschuit (Dutch rusk).
  • Stamped Muisjes: crumbled (anise) crumbles. Powdery.

Dutch Hagelslag brands
Dutch hail of the brands De Ruijter and Venz can be found in our assortment. These are the leading Dutch brands for Hagelslag. All our products are original products from the Netherlands. Our selection of dark, milk and white chocolate leaves nothing to be desired. Wonderful hailstorm mixtures such as Kwinkslag or fruit sprinkles extend our range.

De Ruijter Hagelslag offers you delicious milking and Puur Hagelslag as well as Vruchtenhagel, which is especially popular with children. Vruchtenhagel is available in the classic variant but also with forest fruits (Bosvruchtenhagel). In addition, De Ruijter offers exclusive Specials Hagelslag. These specials in with extra high cocoa content or enriched with delicious coffee. Discover our selection of hailstorm specials here.

The Venz brand from the Netherlands is particularly popular with children. The Venz product range also includes the classic varieties with the best milk chocolate and dark chocolate, but also funny hailstone blends with Funnies, which are popular with children. Funnies are small sugar animals that look different depending on the species of crumble. Funnies can be found in Venz Rimboe Hagelslag as for example with the panda.

You can also order XXL crumbles from Venz at These are extra large chocolate sprinkles in the flavours milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

In addition, we at Venz and De Ruijter offer you packaging with a mixture of different hailstones and Vlokken products. This makes trying really fun and you will find your favourite in no time!