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Peanut Butter

Pindakaas - Dutch peanut butter - Find here your peanut butter from the Netherlands!

Dutch peanut butter is well known beyond the borders of the Netherlands and is considered to be particularly delicious, creamy and above all healthy. Don't you think so?

In the Netherlands, peanut butter is known as Pindakaas and is a standard ingredient on every breakfast table in addition to jam, hail (chocolate sprinkles) and cheese. Dutch people love their pindakaas and like to try new, sweet combinations like pindakaas covered with sugar or pindakaas with hailstones on white bread. There are no limits to your imagination - even hearty varieties with Dutch peanut butter are known to us.

Dutch peanut butter is one of the most popular food export products alongside American peanut butter from the USA.

Discover the variety of Dutch peanut butter and order your favourite peanut butter online.

Calvé Pindakaas - the classic peanut butter from Holland

The best known brand for peanut butter in the Netherlands is Calvé. Calvé Pindakaas offers besides the normal, creamy ground peanut butter also peanut butter with nut pieces, extra crunchy, with cocoa nibs and with speculaas cruids. Calvé also offers Pindakaas in the light version. The jars of peanut butter are available in 350 g, 650 g and 1 kg of the varieties Pindakaas and Stukjes Pinda.
Calvé Pindakaas can be found on every well-stocked supermarket shelf in the Netherlands and is particularly well known and popular in the Netherlands for its long tradition and unique recipe.

For those who are looking for real Dutch peanut butter, the Calvé Pindakaas brand is the right choice. Our peanut butter, like all our articles, is original from the Netherlands. Order your peanut butter online now.

Dutch peanut butter - the energy supplier for a healthy breakfast

Peanut butter fans particularly appreciate the healthy ingredients of Dutch peanut butter. Dutch Pindakaas, based on around 81% peanuts and vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, soy and dextrose and salt, is a great source of energy for a healthy, sweet breakfast. Peanut butter contains an average of 597 KJ (2,500 kj) per 100 g and is rich in vitamins E and H. In addition, the nut spread contains the healthy unsaturated fatty acids that are particularly good for your cardiovascular system. This is why Dutch peanut butter is a healthy alternative to domestic and American products.

Another delicious peanut butter brand with many different Pindakaas flavors is Mister Kitchen's Pindakaas. The extravagant varieties such as Zeezout Karamel and Amandel Speculaars give peanut butter a particularly interesting note and are becoming increasingly popular.