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Peppermint from the Netherlands

Peppermint is refreshing and is therefore often offered at a restaurant after dinner. Would you like to enjoy the famous mint taste at home? Order peppermint online at Hollandshop24. We ship our products worldwide, so you can enjoy a delicious mint even in Thailand and the USA. In our assortment you will find peppermint from KING, sugar free mint toffees from the Source and of course Wilhelmina peppermint from Fortune. Peppermints are delicious peppermint sweets from Holland. They are known and equally popular with young and old. The Dutch peppermint sweets are called Peppermint and are available in bags, individually wrapped, in rolls or in beautiful gift boxes with Dutch charm.

History of the Dutch Peppermint

The Dutch peppermint is traditionally white and often in the shape of a coin. Peppermint has been industrially produced in the Netherlands since the end of the 19th century. With the brand name Peppermint Wilhelmina Peppermint, traditional brands such as Fortune in honor of the then Queen Wilhelmina have brought delicious sweets on the market and are still very successful today.

Did you know that?

Wilhelmina Peppermint has existed for 125 years. The white peppermint coins bear the profile of the former Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, who reigned at the end of the 19th century.

King Peppermint was introduced to the Dutch market at the beginning of the 20th century and is popular because of the extra strong version of the Peppermint in addition to the traditional sweet peppermint.

Mentos is a well-known producer of peppermint dragees across the borders of the Netherlands and has also been offering delicious Mentos Dessert Mints, small cushions with a whiter core, in the Netherlands for a few years.
It's worth a try!

Ideal as a gift
Are you looking for an original gift for a real Dutch fan? Then give away one of our traditional cans with Peppermint. The gift boxes of Fortune Wilhelmina Peppermint are a real hit: traditional design in white-blue with changing pictures of the Dutch royal family.

Wilhelmina peppermint

Wilhelmina peppermint is perhaps the most famous peppermint in the Netherlands. It is available in rolls, pre-packed per piece, in cans with a Dutch theme and of course in the well-known boxes. Would you like to offer your guests a mint by offering them a peppermint? Then choose Wilhelmina peppermint that is packaged individually. Are you going to give the peppermint as a gift? Then a can with a Dutch theme is a great idea. You can also buy large packs of three kilos of Wilhelmina peppermint from Fortune from us.

KING peppermint

King peppermint has been produced in Sneek since 1922. KING, the king of peppermint, can be ordered online from us. We have rolls of original peppermint in our assortment as well as the extra strong variant. The peppermint pillows are also a success for a fresh breath. The rolls are easy to take with you in your bag. Would you like to be able to eat sugar-free sweets? Then choose the Mint Toffees sugar-free from the Source. This package contains no less than a kilo of mint flavoured toffees, to which no sugar has been added.

Buy peppermint online

Peppermint cushions from Mentos or KING, Wilhelmina peppermint or KING peppermint: you can buy it all online at Hollandshop24. We ship our sweets, peppermint and chocolate worldwide. Our other food products, such as drinks and herbs, are also shipped worldwide. Do you live in Germany? Then you can expect your order within one or two working days. Within the EU there is a delivery time of 4 days, within the rest of Europe 5 to 7 working days. If your package has to be sent to the US, for example, then it will take about ten working days.