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Kitchen Aid

Dutch Mini Pancake pan, deep fryer and other kitchen utensils

Whether you live in California or Poland, a kitchen assistant is always welcome. We're not talking about a person coming to help you in the kitchen, but about all kinds of handy kitchen equipment as you know it from the Netherlands. There are several products that make cooking easier. In the category Keukenhulp you will find for example a frying pan, pancake pan and more! Your order with cooking utensils from Hollandshop24 is shipped worldwide.

Buy frying pan online

Deep-frying in the Netherlands is a matter of course, but the concept of self-baking fries is not really popular abroad. Finding a good fryer in the supermarket is therefore a challenge. Hollandshop24 solves that problem for you! In our shop we have a Prima Donna deep fryer where you can fry chips, snacks or doughnuts yourself, just like you did in the Netherlands in the past. When you order Diamond frying fat with it, the chips and snacks get that familiar taste. With the frikandelsnijder - to make your own special frikandel - the party is complete. We also sell Dutch snacks such as Amsterdam croquettes and Joppie sauce.

Poffertjespan and Koopmans poffertjesmix

If you have been living abroad for a long time, there is a good chance that it has been a while since you ate poffertjes. It's a shame, because they are so good! Order your poffertjespan and Koopmans poffertjesmix at Hollandshop24 and you can quickly enjoy homemade poffertjes abroad. Tasty with butter and icing sugar!

Buy other kitchen utensils

Do you order other Dutch food such as Gouda cheese together with the deep fryer or poffertjespan? Then it is useful if you also have a cheese slicer in your foreign kitchen. Don't have one yet? Order this right away! In our shop you can buy a traditional Dutch cheese slicer with beautiful Delft blue on the handle. In the shop you will also find a tea box specially designed for Pickwick tea. This bamboo tea box has twelve compartments where the bags of the tea brand Pickwick fit.

Ordering kitchen utensils online

Order your kitchenware online and have it delivered abroad? This is possible at Hollandshop24. If you live in Germany, you will receive your order within one to two working days. In the EU, the shipping time is approximately four working days. In the rest of Europe it takes five to seven working days. Outside Europe this is about ten working days. Order your kitchen help online at Hollandshop24!