Dutch Drinks

Tea, coffee and other Dutch drinks

From Dutch coffee to Pickwick tea and Chocomel: if you live abroad, you will probably regularly miss those typical Dutch drinks. Because flavoured tea is far from being available in every country and certainly not in those fun, recognisable boxes. Or what about children's favourite drinks when they go out for the day? Chocomel or Fristi? From now on, you can order this typical Dutch drink online at Hollandshop24. We ship our products worldwide, so even in Australia or Thailand you can now enjoy Pickwick tea. In our assortment you will find tea from Pickwick, coffee creamer from Friese Vlag, syrup from Karvan Cévitam and Chocomel and Fristi from Nutricia.

Pickwick tea

Pickwick is the most famous tea brand in the Netherlands. Pickwick's teas can be divided into different categories. There are the classics, such as Pickwick English tea, rooibos and Earl Grey. Of course, the brand also has many types of fruit tea, from berry tea to lemon tea and tea that tastes like mango. In the Spices line you will find tea with a spicy flavour, such as liquorice, cinnamon and Minty Morocco.

Karvan Cévitam ranja

Make the most delicious lemonade yourself with the Karvan Cévitam syrup. With this lemonade you can make delicious ranja. Dilute it with water or sparkling water for a refreshing drink full of memories of the past. The Karvan Cévitam syrup is also healthy: it is made from 75% fruit and contains vitamins B3, B5, B6, vitamin C and vitamin E. With one bottle you can make five litres of lemonade.

Buy Dutch coffee and Pickwick tea online

Would you like to enjoy a typical cup of Dutch tea, preferably also with a Dutch biscuit? You can, if you now place an order at Hollandshop24. Our range of Dutch drinks includes coffee, Pickwick tea, coffee creamer, Chocomel, Fristi and the most delicious lemonade syrups. Order your favourite flavours of tea and buy some delicious traditional Dutch biscuits, such as stuffed biscuits and syrup waffles. If you live in Germany, the package will be delivered within one to two working days. In the EU there is a delivery time of four working days. Within the rest of Europe you can expect your package in five to seven working days. It takes about ten working days for your package to arrive in the United States.