Sauce & Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise and sauce from the Netherlands

Curry, whisky cocktail sauce or Wijko satay sauce: try to find it in your local supermarket abroad. Many people who are living outside the Netherlands miss the Dutch food. But whether you miss Calvé mayonnaise or the real Joppie sauce: you no longer have to miss it. Hollandshop24 ships real Dutch mayonnaise, French fries sauce and other sauces to your address abroad. So over time you can just enjoy a  frikandel special or a croquette sandwich with mustard sauce!

Mayonnaise of Calvé and Remia

Remia and Calvé are the best-known mayonnaise brands in the Netherlands. From classic mayo to creamy Belgian mayonnaise or mayonnaise with olive oil: we offer you a wide choice. Of course, Van Wijngaarden's famous mayonnaise from the Zaan region cannot be left out of our assortment either. This is available in the famous tube, but also in a large pot. In addition to mayonnaise, our assortment also includes chipsauce and American chipsauce with pieces of parsley. You know: that sauce from McDonalds.

Jopie sauce, mustard sauce and cocktail sauce

We have many popular sauces in the Netherlands. There is Joppie sauce: the creamy sauce from the Achterhoek, which is delicious with chips and fried snacks. Mustard sauce is also a hit: this mix of spicy mustard and creamy mayonnaise is delicious on a croquette sandwich or on a hot dog. For barbecues, gourmet or meat dishes are cocktail sauce, samba sauce and curry from Remia. In our assortment you will also find dressings and salad sauce from Calvé.

Sate sauce from Wijko and peanut sauce from Calvé

Whether you are making meatballs or an Indonesian rice table: we Dutch people like to eat satay sauce with it. With Wijko's sate sauce you can make the most delicious peanut sauce in no time at all. In our assortment you can buy both ready-made peanut sauce from Wijko and Calvé, as well as concentrated pastas. These can be made with water, milk or coconut milk. This way you can easily determine the amount of sauce yourself. Don't forget the Go Tan chilli sauce for the spring rolls!

Ordering sauce from the Netherlands

You can easily order your favourite mustard sauce, Joppie sauce, mayonnaise or chilli sauce online in our webshop. Hollandshop24 will ship your products as soon as possible. Don't forget to take a look at our other products. With the products of Conimex you can for example quickly make a tasty Indonesian meal. Perfect to combine with our peanut sauce. Your package will be delivered within one to two working days (Germany), within four working days (EU), within five to seven working days (within the rest of Europe) and within about ten working days (US).