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Dutch Soup


Soup, we Dutch love it. Delicious as lunch or as a starter with baguette and herb butter. And the dish will be ready in no time! Who can not remember the taste of the pea soup of Unox or the chicken soup of Honig that Grandma used to make? As a Dutchman who lives abroad, we understand that you miss the excellent soup of Unox or Honig. That is why you can buy this Dutch soup online in our shop. We ship worldwide.

Unox soup

The best soups, ready in a few minutes: that's Unox soup! Whether you choose a typical winter soup such as the pea soup from Unox or a soup that can be eaten all year round, at Hollandshop24 we have plenty of delicious Unox soup flavors. From a hearty brown bean soup to a creamy mushroom soup and from the well-known vegetable soup to the typical onion soup. Don't forget the soup balls!

Honig soup

Make a pan of soup for your guests? That's an apple of egg with the packs of soup from Honig. Do you choose tomato soup, Chinese tomato soup or the familiar chicken soup? Of course you can also stock up on Honig soup, so that you have enough at home all year round and can quickly prepare a delicious soup for when you don't feel like cooking extensively. The soup from Honig is quickly heated in a pan and tastes nice and fresh. Because we ship our products worldwide, you can even enjoy the familiar taste of Honig soup in Australia or Canada.

Pea soup from Unox

A typical Dutch classic for the cold winter days is the Unox pea soup. But this hot meal is secretly also very tasty if you have moved to a tropical place. Snert is a typical winter dish that everyone in the Netherlands has tasted. Would you like to introduce this classic to your foreign friends? Then order from us the only real Unox pea soup! This sturdy canned pea soup also contains the Unox smoked sausage. You can't get more Dutch than that!

Buy Dutch soup

You can buy Dutch soup abroad online at Hollandshop24. With brands like Honig and Unox you have plenty of choice of the tastiest soups. Moreover, you can make the soup even more tasty with the Unox soup balls. We ship your order worldwide. Within the European Union the delivery time is about four working days and in America it is about ten working days.