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Hearty Dutch Spreads

Savoury spreadable spreads from the Netherlands

Would you like to buy sandwich fillings that remind you of the breakfasts in the Netherlands? And do you like savoury sandwich fillings? Then Hollandshop24 is the right place for you. We have tasty savoury and spreadable spreads. Our webshop sells the most delicious Dutch food, such as typical Dutch spread, but also herbs, frying snacks and sauces. We ship worldwide, so even in New Zealand or Canada you can enjoy the real Heinz sandwich spread.

Sandwich spread from Heinz

Heinz sandwich spread has long been a popular type of spreadable sandwich spread among the Dutch and British. It consists of vegetables in a creamy salad sauce. There are all kinds of different sandwich spreads from Heinz. The cucumber variant is nice and fresh and of course consists mainly of cucumber. The classic natural version of Heinz sandwich spread is made of white cabbage, gherkin, peppers and onions. The crunchy pieces make for a delicious bite.

Unox liver pie

The Unox liver pie is another form of spreadable and savoury spread from the Netherlands. Delicious on crispbread, rusk and of course on a sandwich or white ball. The liver pie that you can buy from us comes in three cans that have a long shelf life and can be easily opened with the loop on the top. With the red preservation lid you can close the Unox liver pie again. Do you prefer sweets? Then take a look at our sweet spreadable spreads!

Marmite and Smac

A little less popular, but no less tasty: Marmite. This bread spread from England is also described as vegetarian spice paste. Marmite is made from the yeast extract that is released during the production of beer and it has a powerful salty taste. You can also eat Smac on the sandwich. For this you can cut it into thin slices. Smac is also very tasty in cubes in the macaroni.

Buy savoury sandwich fillings online

Would you like to buy online spread from the Netherlands and have it shipped to your address abroad? Order quickly at Hollandshop24! We have a wide range of Dutch food, such as breakfast products, cheese, drinks and spice mixes. You will have your savoury, spreadable sandwich filling quickly at home if you order it from us. Our delivery time is about one to two working days in Germany and about ten working days in the United States. Do you live in the EU? Then you can expect your package within about four working days.