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Dutch Breakfast

Dutch breakfast

Do you miss typical Dutch breakfast products such as Brinta or rusk abroad? Luckily you have found Hollandshop24! In our webshop you will find everything you need for a typical Dutch breakfast, like Bolletje rusk, Peijnenburg gingerbread and the best Brinta porridge. We ship our Dutch food worldwide. Do you live in Germany? Then you only have to wait one to two working days for your package. Do you live further away, like in the United States? Then it will take about ten working days for your Brinta or rusk to be delivered.

Brinta porridge

Who hasn't grown up with Brinta Dad? This tasty and easy breakfast is super healthy! With the breakfast cereals and warm milk you can make a warm porridge in a few minutes, which is filling and very nutritious. The Brinta wholemeal breakfast contains six natural vitamins and minerals. It is made from 100% wholegrain wheat. With Brinta Wake Up drinking breakfast you can quickly and easily make a nutritious breakfast drink. A nice and easy way to wake up in the busy morning.

Peijnenburg breakfast cake

Breakfast cake is a product that is not easy to find abroad. Yet it is a popular Dutch dish during breakfast, as a snack or with coffee. That is why you will find a wide range of Peijnenburg gingerbread at Hollandshop24. From ordinary gingerbread to candy, gingerbread with honey and caramel or apple and cinnamon and gingerbread: we have it all! Soon you can enjoy real Peijnenburg gingerbread with a thick layer of butter.

Bolletje Rusk

There is only one traditional biscuit brand from the Netherlands and that is of course Bolletje. You can buy different kinds of Bolletje rusk from us. For example, natural rusk, whole grain rusk and multigrain rusk. Your breakfast with rusk will be extra tasty if you can combine it with real Dutch cheese or Chocolate sprinkles. The brittle biscuit of Bolletje is delicious with breakfast or lunch. Order it quickly online with us!

Buy Brinta porridge and Peijnenburg gingerbread

Buy your favourite Peijenburg gingerbread or Brinta breakfast cereals online at Hollandshop24. You will soon have it in house if you buy your products from us for a typical Dutch breakfast, because we ship your package immediately! Within the EU your order will be delivered within four working days and within the rest of Europe it will take five to seven working days. Order your gingerbread and Brinta fast!