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Asian food as you know it from the Netherlands: that is often an Indonesian rice table. Do you enjoy Asian cuisine enormously? Are you missing the handy herbs and ready-made mixes of Conimex for noodles, all kinds of sambal or peanut sauce? Then you've come to the right place at Hollandshop24! We are your supplier for Dutch food and dishes. From soy sauce to Wijko saté sauce: we have it all. And we ship the products from our webshop worldwide!

Wijko satay sauce and other peanut sauce

The Asian cuisine as we know it from the Netherlands is actually Indonesian. And this kitchen is not complete without peanut sauce. With the real Wijko satay sauce in the recognizable brown pot you make as much or little peanut sauce as you need by only adding water or milk. Complete your oriental rice table with the tastiest sauce you can easily make yourself. In our range for Asian cuisine we not only have Wijko satay sauce, but also mixes for peanut sauce of Conimex, Javanese sauce and delicious spicy peanut sauce of Calvé.

Sambal and soy sauce for Asian cuisine

Sauces are an important ingredient in Indonesian and oriental cuisine. Therefore we sell all kinds of different types of sambal and soy sauce. Are you looking for sambal oelek, extra hot sambal bathrobe, sambal manis or sambal brandal? We have it all in our assortment. Of course the soy sauce manis or soy sauce asin should not be missing in your oriental rice table. And finally, you finish your Indonesian dish with some delicious crunchy prawn crackers, which you have also found in our webshop with Dutch food.

Herbs and Spices for Asian food

To make Asian cuisine really taste good, herbs are indispensable. That is why we have a very wide range of herbs for Asian food. Of course, the spice mix for nasi goreng and bami goreng should not be missing. With this you can put a delicious fragrant rice or noodle on the table in no time. Finish your dish with a peanut sauce and a nice piece of meat. You can also buy marinademixes and boemboes from us. We also sell typical Asian herbs from Conimex, such as djahé (ginger), laos (galanga root), ketoembar (coriander) and djintan (cumin seed).

Everything for Asian cuisine you buy online

You can buy your Asian kitchen products safely and quickly online at Hollandshop24. We only sell well-known brands such as Wijko, Kikkoman, Calve, Go Tan and of course Conimex. If you order your Dutch food from us, the package will be delivered quickly. Within the European Union this is within four working days, in America about ten working days. We ship worldwide, so whether you live in Austria or the United States: you can enjoy Asian cuisine everywhere.