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Sinterklaas & Christmas

Dutch sweets, biscuits and pastries especially for Sinterklaas

In this category we offer seasonal Sinterklaas articles, which are sold from September to December 5 (Sinterklaas) each year. Children love sweet pastries such as cruid notes, speculaas or schuimpjes and also enjoy the entire Christmas season with Dutch delicacies.

The Dutch Sinterklaas sweets and biscuits are especially sweet and tasty and therefore so popular with children. The Sinterklaas parade in the Netherlands traditionally distributes the biscuits and the like from Sinterklaas and its Pieten to the children. A lot of fun in many Dutch cities in the days and weeks before the Sinterklaas festival.

At the Sinterklaas festival the children get their presents. Christmas is a family celebration in the Netherlands, but no longer has the gift character that we know from Germany or other European countries.

Which Sinterklaas sweets and pastries you should try

All the sweets, biscuits and pastries for the Sinterklaas festival are super delicious. Traditionally, pepernotes and kruidnoten are certainly the best-known pastries, which are distributed a lot and often in the pre-Christmas period. Cruid notes have existed for many years in many different variations. In this way, Bolletje crude notes are covered with chocolate or caramel. In addition, of course, Schuimpjes are not missing in any Santa Claus boots. Taai Taai are gingerbread sinterklaas figures, of which one can break off a piece and enjoy.