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Chocolate & Yogurt Drink

Chocomel and Fristi

Chocomel and Fristi are two very popular Dutch drinks that children and their parents like to drink. And you, too, can enjoy these drinks from Nutricia and FrieslandCampina abroad! We ship our products worldwide. Before you know it, you will have your liter pack of Chocomel or Six Pack Fristi at home. Do you live within the EU? Then you can expect your order within four working days. If you live in the US, you will receive your order in about ten working days.

Chocomel from Nutricia

The only real Chocomel is of course Chocomel from Nutricia. The full flavor, the creamy substance and the brown color is recognizable for every Dutchman. Chocomel is delicious to drink cold, but you can also heat it in the microwave. And with a generous amount of whipped cream, your cup of chocolate milk will be even more attractive, especially in winter. In our assortment you will find cans and packs of Chocomel. The small packs in the six pack have a capacity of 200 millilitres and are easy to take along on the road. Of course you can also buy a litre pack with Chocomel from us.

Fristi of FrieslandCampina

Fristi is another drink children have grown up with. It's the best yoghurt to drink there is. The pink drink tastes like strawberries, raspberries and cherries and therefore has a nice fruity taste. In addition, the base is lean, because Fristi is made from skimmed milk. Because of the amount of calcium, it is also healthy! But above all, Fristi is very tasty. With breakfast or just as a drink after school: Fristi is always a success.

Buying Chocomel and Fristi

Would you like to buy Chocomel or Fristi and have it delivered to you abroad? That is possible at Hollandshop24! You will have your purchases quickly in house if you order it online from us. In Germany we deliver within one to two working days. Within Europe, but outside the EU it takes about five to seven working days. If you still order from us, don't forget to order your other favorite Dutch food. In our assortment you will find all kinds of typical Dutch delicacies, such as old-Dutch sweets, frikandellen and chocolate sprinkles. Would you rather make your own chocolate milk? This can easily be done with the cocoa powder from Droste, which you can of course also buy from us.