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Most Dutch children grew up with fruit syrup like Karvan Cévitam and Roosvicee. And you can now also get that in house, by ordering it online at Hollandshop24! At our webshop you can buy the best lemonade syrup to make your own ranja. With one bottle of Karvan Cévitam, for example, you can make five litres of lemonade. And you can adjust the mixing ratio to make the drink sweeter or less sweet. And as you know, a pie pie is not complete without fruit syrup!

Karvan Cévitam with vitamins

We have a wide range of Karvan Cévitam. With this syrup you not only make delicious lemonade, it is also healthy. The fruit syrup is made from 75% fruit. This lemonade syrup contains five different vitamins: B3, B5, B6, vitamin C and vitamin E. By mixing the syrup with water (ratio 1 to 7), you can make delicious Ranja. You can also mix the lemonade syrup with sparkling spring water, making a healthy drink with carbon dioxide. With one bottle of Karvan Cévitam you can mix five litres of lemonade.

Making ranja with syrup

With fruit syrup like Karvan Cévitam you can easily make your own lemonade. Nice for the children to take to school, but also refreshing during a picnic or children's party in a large jug. Karvan Cévitam is available in many different fruit flavours, such as strawberry, lemon, orange, blackcurrant, forest fruit, raspberry and a tropical mix. To make it even tastier, you can add fresh fruit to a carafe with ranja. With our lemonade syrup you can of course make more delicious things, such as a custard lip and water ice creams.

Buy syrup and ranja online

Order your syrup or ranja online and you will soon have it in your home. If you live in Germany, you can expect the package within one or two working days. Within the EU we deliver within four working days. For the rest of Europe there is a delivery time of five to seven working days. Do you live in the United States? Then you can expect your package with Karvan Cévitam and other Dutch food in about ten working days. What are you waiting for? Order the delicious, well-known fruit syrup now online!