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Sambal is one of the standard spicy sauces in the Netherlands. The spicy-hot paste is based on chilli and owes its wonderfully fresh pungency to the chilli pepper. Sambal originally comes from Indonesia, a former colony of the Netherlands. The influences of Indonesian cuisine are firmly anchored in Dutch cuisine.

Consistency and use of Sambal
Sambal is traditionally used in small bowls as an accompaniment to meat such as chicken, fish, rice or vegetables. Depending on the desired degree of spiciness, sambal can be added to the food. From the tip of the knife to the whole spoon, Sambal fans have a different sense of sharpness. However, one should first slowly approach the chili sauce. Besides Indonesian cuisine Sambal is also used in the complete Asian cuisine and enjoys great popularity in all Asian restaurants.

Sambal Ulek or Sambal Oelek
The Netherlands also drew the attention of neighbouring European countries such as Germany to the great seasoning sauce. In this country one often speaks of Sambal Ulek and pronounces the chili sauce the same way as in Holland. However, the Dutch spelling differs slightly: Sambal Oelek, whereby the oe is pronounced as u. Sambal Oelek is available from the well-known Dutch brands Conimex, Go Tan and Koningsvogel. These sambals are of equal quality and are cold prepared from fresh chillies and preserved with salt and vinegar. Find your favourite sambal in our Asian assortment.

Sambal Brandis and Sambal Manis
In addition, there are other sambals that have been refined with other spices. This Sambal group includes Sambal Brandis and Sambal Manis.
Sambal Manis is a slightly milder variant, as this chilli sauce is additionally enriched with fried tomatoes, onions and garlic. The Sambal Brandis is even more spicy and also fried.

Further types of Sambal, which you can order online

  • Sambal Oelek: traditional, spicy sambal made of red chillies, salt and vinegar. The classic.
  • Sambal Manis: spicy, sweeter sambal.
  • Sambal Badjak: fried, spicy sambal with pepper
  • Sambal Brandal: fried, spicy sambal

Find your favourite sambal and discover the delicious spice of this great, fresh seasoning sauce.

Durability of Sambal
After opening, most Sambals stay at room temperature for about 3 months.