Typical Dutch Meals

Dutch dishes

Beets, kale, smoked sausage, capuchins, meatballs and squabbles: all Dutch dishes that we love to eat. This also applies to Dutch people abroad, but for them it's a little harder to buy these delicious ingredients and foods. That's why Hollandshop24 sends HAK canned food, kibbles, sausages, mixes of Honig and herbs from Verstegen worldwide. Order your favourite ingredients quickly!

HAK preserves

Do you fancy a nice kale stew? White beans in tomato sauce? Or what about capuchins? With the HAK preserves, you can put a tasty meal on the table quickly. From brown beans for the chili con carne to applesauce for the chips: you will find it all in our assortment. You can also come to us for broad beans, green beans and beets. With the 1 2 open lid you can easily open each pot to put the most delicious meals on the table.

Kibbling, smoked sausage and meatballs

A piece of meat or fish completes the meal. With the Unox meatballs and soup balls, you don't even have to turn balls yourself. Just warming up is enough. Would you like to enjoy a cold winter evening with mashed potatoes and smoked sausage? We sell real Gelderland smoked sausage from Unox! These can easily be heated in a pan of hot water or the microwave. You can even buy sausages at Hollandshop24. Kibbeling is a popular meal in the Netherlands. The crispy pieces of cod are always well seasoned and taste delicious with chips.

Herbs and mixes of Verstegen and Honig

From now on you can make your own meatballs again, with the herbs of Verstegen. This brand makes the most delicious herbs for minced meat, fish, chicken and bacon, but also for typical Dutch dishes such as stew and kale. With the herbs of Verstegen, every Dutch dish you make abroad tastes like the dishes of the past. Honig also has the necessary spice mixes, with which you can easily make your dish more tasty. The herb mix for macaroni and spaghetti, for example, forms the basis for a healthy pasta meal.

Buying Dutch dishes

Buy your Dutch dishes, preserves of HAK, macaroni and smoked sausage of Unox online at Hollandshop24. Soon you will be making delicious kale stew with meatballs or beetroot salad! You will receive the products you buy from us soon. If you live in Germany, it will take about one to two working days. Within the EU it takes about four working days, within the rest of Europe five to seven working days. If you live in the United States, you can expect the package within about ten working days.