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Lays chips

Lays chips are the most popular chips in the Netherlands. It makes sense: classics like Wokkels and Hamka's come from Lays. Lays chips are a welcome guest at a Dutch party, but that is a bit more difficult when you live abroad. Fortunately, we understand that very well! That is why Hollandshop24 ships its articles worldwide. You can enjoy Dutch crisps all over the world, but you can also enjoy nuts, bitterballen and liquorice.

Buying Dutch chips

The wide choice in the supermarket makes crisps a suitable snack for parties: so there is always a flavor that suits your guests. Children also love Lays chips. The dispensing bags are particularly useful in this case: you will receive a large bag with fifteen bags of chips that are suitable for children. You can also enjoy Lays chips from the Netherlands abroad. Are you celebrating a party? And will there be a lot of children that day? Then choose a handout bag with the most popular flavours of Lays chips.

Chips, nibbles and toast from the Netherlands

Your party is not complete without snacks, crisps and toast from the Netherlands. At Hollandshop24 we understand that you also want to enjoy typical Dutch delicacies abroad. That is why we ship Dutch products, such as chips and other delicacies worldwide to your address. But also other typical Dutch products, such as chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles, can be purchased online from us.

Buying Lays chips online

In a few days you can enjoy your Hamka's or paprika chips if you order now online at Hollandshop24. What are you waiting for? If you now place an order and live in Germany, you will receive your order within one to two working days. Within the EU, it takes four working days for you to receive your package. And in the rest of Europe you can count on a delivery time of about five to seven working days. If you live further away, such as in the US, you can expect a delivery time of about ten working days. Don't forget to order a delicious dip sauce?