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Coffeemilk and Aroma from the Netherlands

Nowhere does the coffee taste so good as it does at home. But if you have emigrated or are temporarily working abroad, we understand that you are missing the smell of coffee that used to hang in the kitchen. Our own Dutch coffee brands such as Buisman and Friesche Vlag can be ordered easily and safely online at Hollandshop24. We are the online address for all your Dutch food that is sent abroad.

Coffee creamer

Do you long for the coffee creamer you used to drink in our frog country? You can, of course, ask family members or friends if they would like to send you a box of evaporated milk from the Netherlands, but you can also order it yourself online. Then you can immediately choose other Dutch foods such as biscuits to go with your coffee. Just as convenient! We have included the Friesche Vlag Goudband coffee creamer in our assortment. This coffee creamer is nice and soft and creamy, and brings your coffee perfectly to taste.

Coffee aroma from the Netherlands

Are you a Dutchman abroad looking for coffee aroma from the Netherlands? That can be a long search in the supermarket. Fortunately, you can order Buisman online from us. Buisman Aroma Classic makes coffee spicier and tastier. We ensure that this order is delivered to you abroad. So even if you live in Greece, you can enjoy Buisman instant coffee from the Netherlands!

Blond Amsterdam coffee mug

Buisman soluble coffee from the Netherlands, coffee creamer from Friesche Vlag: can you get it even more Dutch? Yes! By drinking the coffee from the Blond Amsterdam coffee cup. With this coffee cup with Delft blue you will think back to the good old days in the Netherlands with a 'cup of fun'. Moreover, the Blond Amsterdam coffee cup looks great in your home as a souvenir and you can show your foreign friends how proud you are of little Holland.

Biscuits to accompany your coffee

You can also buy Dutch biscuits to go with your coffee online at Hollandshop24. Because what is a cup of Dutch coffee without a biscuit from Verkade or Enkhuizer? Jodekoek, Café Noir biscuits, gingerbread, speculaas and stuffed biscuits are just a few of our products. Or go for a luxury cake such as syrup waffles, marrow pipes, butter biscuits or apple biscuits. Order your favourite cookie products online together with instant coffee and coffee creamer at Hollandshop24 and enjoy the fast worldwide shipping!