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Peanutsauce / Satehsauce

Peanut sauce I Satésaus from the Dutch brands Wijko & Conimex buy online

 Peanut sauce is a classic to meat dishes such as saté skewers, Gehaktballetjes or for your grill meat such as turkey, chicken or pork. The peanut sauce is called Satésaus or Pindasaus in the Netherlands and originally comes from Indonesia. Because Dutch cuisine has been influenced by Indonesian cuisine, Satésaus has become a true Dutch classic.

Differences between the peanut sauces in our assortment

In this category you will find a variety of peanut sauces. It is usually difficult for newcomers to gain an overview of peanut sauces. That's why we are happy to give you a little help for the selection of the right saté sauce.


  • Our brands Wijko and Conimex are the best known and most popular Dutch brands for saté sauce.
  • There are ready-for-use peanut sauces, which only need to be heated in a pot or microwave. These peanut sauces are titled kant & klaar (German: kant & klaar).
  • There are peanut sauces in powder form to mix with 150 ml of water or milk.
  • There are paste-form peanut sauces for mixing with water or milk.
  • Whether you use milk or water to mix the peanut sauce is a matter of taste. You should stir the sauce constantly with milk.
  • The pastes can be portioned depending on how much sauce you want to make for a meal.
  • The pastes are usually more productive and can still be stored after opening (according to the information on the packaging).


Satehsauce in snack bars

Saté sauce can also be found in one of the many Dutch snack bars. Besides Ketchup & Mayo there are countless other delicious, typical Dutch sauces such as Joppie, Speciaal or just the peanut sauce. To Dutch snacks like chips, Ras Patat, Pikanto, Frikandel, Gehaktballen, Viandel one can eat peanut sauce very well. A classic sauce in the Dutch snack bar is the Oorlog sauce combination of mayonnaise, peanut sauce and raw onions. So if you hear a Dutchman ordering Patatje Oorlog, it's a delicious portion of fries with the sauce described. Super lekker!

Peanut sauce with Indonesian dishes

Many Indonesian dishes can be complemented with a delicious peanut sauce. Indonesian dishes that are often accompanied by peanut sauce are Bami Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Saté skewers, Tjap Tjoi or Foo Yong Hai.

Peanut sauce for grilling

Peanut sauce also tastes particularly delicious when grilling many types of meat such as chicken or turkey. Marinated skewers with saté sauce are also popular with saté marinades. The sweet peanut sauce with meat is a new, creamy taste experience. The peanut sauce is also very tasty for dipping with baguette or white bread. By the way: we also have marinade for saté meat in our assortment.