Candy from the Netherlands

A liquorice, Wilhelmina peppermint or Fruittella in such a cheerful colour: do you miss the candy from the Netherlands? Now that you have discovered Hollandshop24, you don't have to. We sell Dutch food and ship it worldwide. That's why you can also enjoy candy from the Netherlands in Canada or Australia. In our assortment you will find candy, chocolate, liquorice, peppermint, toffees and classics such as hops from well-known brands such as Fruittella, Klene, Napoleon, Venco and Tony Chocolonely.

Fruittella and other rolls of candy

Did you always bring a roll of candy to the church, during the four days of the evening or on a school trip? The rolls of candy from Fruittella provide many Dutch people with beautiful memories. The coloured sweets have a fruity taste and are also made with real fruit juice. In our assortment you will find many more rolls of candy, such as Topdrop from Venco, Stophoest from Red Band, peppermint from KING and black and white Salvia rolls from Fortune.

Peppermint and liquorice

Of course the Wilhelmina peppermint of Fortune and the original peppermints of KING should not be missing in our assortment. But also peppermint pillows, candy from Mentos and other refreshing sweets you can look at us. Take a look at our sugar-free assortment, so you can sweeten responsibly.

Dutch cookies

Besides Dutch candy we have more delicacies from Holland, such as biscuits. From luxury filling biscuits and syrup waffles to smaller biscuits and goat's feet: you will find it in our assortment. Complete your coffee time by serving a real Dutch biscuit to your visit. A piece of chocolate is also often appreciated by your visitors. In our web shop with Dutch food you can choose from the sugar-free chocolate from de Bron, the unique flavours of Tony Chocolonely and the famous chocolate pastilles from Droste.

Buy candy online

Do you miss the candy from the Netherlands? Then order it online at Hollandshop24! From liquorice to Fruittella, Napoleon bullets and peppermint: we have it all. You will have your package within one to two working days if you live in Germany. Do you live in the EU? Then a delivery time of four working days applies. Within the rest of Europe you can expect a delivery time of five to seven working days. Packages that are sent further will be delivered within approximately ten working days. What are you waiting for? Order your candy from the Netherlands online with us!

Traditional Dutch sweets: a brief overview

Butter Chatterers and Butter Waffles

Butters-Chatters and Butter Wafers are incredibly creamy sweet in taste and are reminiscent of the tastiest caramel sweets you could eat in your childhood. Butter is the Dutch term for the "good butter" that is known in this country. These sweets are made with the best ingredients and owe their incomparably delicious taste to them.

Cinnamon pads and cinnamon sticks

So if you like cinnamon, you will love these Dutch delicacies. Intense cinnamon flavor meets delicious sweetness in candy or stick shape for sucking or biting. A real classic in the Netherlands and also found at many markets.

Haagsche Hopjes or just Hopjes

What about a little toffee? The Haagsche Hopjes, from The Hague, did it far beyond the borders of the Netherlands and found many fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Haagsche Hopjes from the Netherlands are not a typical toffee, but because of the coffee taste they become a candy with character. The sweets have been available in the Netherlands since the end of the 18th century. Whether in a bag or in a large silo, you will find the right size of Dutch candy for every taste and appetite.

Dutch liquorice

Liquorice is of course also a typical Dutch candy. For this purpose, however, we have stored our own categories in our shop. Browse to your favourite Dutch liquorice: sweet, salty or sugar-free.

Chocolate from the Netherlands

Tony's Chocolonely and Droste Chocolate can now also be ordered from us. You can find your own categories in our online shop. It is worthwhile to browse!