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Dutch Aitfryer Snacks


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From now on, our frozen products will only be shipped via DHL Express, as we are switching to a new cooling method. By direct we also only ship within Germany.


As usual, there are special shipping days during the week. However, these have been supplemented by the express dispatch by two further days. TK products are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Orders for same day shipping must be received and paid for by 11am. There will be no shipping before holidays.

The recipient is still obliged to accept the order in order to guarantee the cold chain. Shipping to a post office or packing station is unfortunately not possible.

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Dutch Airfryer snacks



Tasty, crispy and quick to prepare: these are airfryer snacks! With an airfryer you can quickly and easily make tasty snacks that you would have previously prepared in the deep fryer. An airfryer works on the basis of hot air. Airfryer snacks are ready faster than oven snacks and are often just a little crispier. Great for crispy coated snacks such as croquettes and bitterballs. We ship the tastiest airfryer snacks from top brands like Mora to your foreign address. So shop fast online at Hollandshop24!




Bitterballs from the airfryer

A crispy crust, with a warm ragout filling with beef threads. Few snacks are as popular as bitterballs. We eat them mainly during a drink or party. It's also logical: you can easily prick and serve the bitterballs on a skewer. Would you like to introduce your foreign friends to this Dutch snack? Then order them from us. You can easily heat up the bitterballs in the airfryer. Would you rather buy deep-frying snacks for the fryer? This is also possible with us!




Dutch Croquettes from the airfryer

Croquettes are mainly eaten as a snack with the fries or on a white ball with mustard. A delicious croquette sandwich! If you have been living abroad for a long time, there is a good chance that you will miss this typical Dutch snack a little. Order your Mora airfryer croquettes quickly online with us, then you will soon be able to enjoy a croquette sandwich abroad. From now on you will no longer suffer from the greasy smell of deep-frying fat in your home, because with the airfryer croquettes you fry without fat.




Buy Airfryer snacks from Holland online

Dutch airfryer snacks from Mora can be purchased online at Hollandshop24. We have a wide range of delicious snacks for the airfryer. Complete your meal with chips with a croquette from the airfryer and real Dutch mayonnaise. Or treat your friends to typical Dutch bitterballs that you make in the airfryer. Of course, you can serve these with mustard sauce! If you order from us and you live in Germany, you will receive your package within one to two working days. If you live elsewhere in the EU, it will take about four working days for your snacks to be delivered. In the rest of Europe there is a delivery time of five to seven working days and in the US it takes about ten working days for your package to arrive. Enjoy it!