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Chocolate from the Netherlands

A large selection of chocolate specialities from the Netherlands is also available in our neighbouring country of Holland. Chocolate influences from Belgium and a knack for innovation and modern chocolate combined with traditional brands make the Netherlands a chocolate country. At you can get classic Dutch Droste chocolate and modern Dutch chocolate, with the special taste experience of Tony's Chocolonely.


Droste - classic chocolate from the Netherlands with tradition

If you think of chocolate brands in this country, Milka probably comes to mind first. In the Netherlands, the Droste brand would be synonymous with Milka's reputation. The older generations of the Dutch in particular grew up with Droste's small chocolate pastilles. Incredibly creamy in taste and full-bodied chocolaty.

The history of Droste chocolate dates back to the 19th century and originates in Haarlem in the Netherlands. In 1863 Geradus Johannes Droste decided to open a confectionery shop here. As a special highlight, Mr Droste sells small chocolate pastilles called Droste. With chocolate specialities such as cocoa and pastilles, Droste has become a well-known global chocolate brand with a wide range of the finest chocolate products.
The Dutch chocolate from Droste is available in the festive praline packaging with the original pastilles and other chocolate desgins. A very nice gift idea for friends of good chocolate from Holland.


Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely is completely different and yet so great. A relatively new brand on the Dutch market, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. Innovative chocolate creations with the best ingredients make Tony's Chocolonely chocolate so special. Above this, the company positions itself as a fair trade product and is committed to slave-free chocolate production in West Africa.

Tony's Chocolonely is special in many ways. The bars of chocolate are many times larger and thicker than the normal 100 g bars found here in Germany. A bar of Tony's Chocolonely is 180g. The distribution of the chocolate is also special: the pieces are not of the same size, which is why the brand wants to draw attention to the unequal distribution of resources around the world.

The most interesting thing about Tony's Chocolonely's Dutch chocolate, however, is the great variety of flavours. In addition to standard varieties such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and nougat, Tony's offers completely new flavours such as dark almond sea salt, dark milk chocolate, dark pecan coconut or pretzel toffee.

Anyone who likes chocolate should try a Tony's Chocolonely and get to know the great quality and variety of chocolate from the Netherlands.