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Dutch chocolate

Who wouldn't love a nice piece of chocolate? The special taste combinations of Tony Chocolonely, the pastilles of Droste or a delicious glass of Chocomel: it's all equally delicious. You can also enjoy real Dutch chocolate abroad. Order sprinkles, bars of Tony Chocolonely, cocoa powder and chocolate from de Bron online at Hollandshop24. We ship our products worldwide. In Germany you can expect your package within one to two working days. Within the EU there is a delivery time of about four working days. If you live in another European country, you can expect a delivery time of 5 to 7 working days. Outside Europe it takes about ten working days.

Ordering Tony's Chocolonely

Tony Chocolonely has been very popular in the Netherlands since its introduction. Not only because of the unique taste combinations, but also because of the fair prices they pay for the product. Enjoy caramel sea salt chocolate, white chocolate with crackling sugar or milk chocolate with popcorn and discodip. Tony's chocolate is not only delicious to keep for yourself, but also a unique gift for Dutch friends abroad!
Tony's Chocolonely is very different and yet so big. A relatively new brand on the Dutch market, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. Innovative chocolate creations with the best ingredients make Tony's Chocolonely so special. Moreover, the company positions itself as a fair trade product and is committed to slave-free chocolate production in West Africa.

Tony's Chocolonely is special in many ways. The chocolate bars are many times larger and thicker than the normal 100 g bars found here in Germany. One bar of Tony's Cholonely is 180g. The distribution of the chocolate is also special: the pieces are not of the same size and therefore the brand wants to draw attention to the unequal distribution of raw materials all over the world.

The most interesting thing about Tony's Chocolonely's Dutch chocolate, however, is the wide variety of flavours. In addition to standard varieties such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and nougat, Tony's offers completely new flavours such as dark almond sea salt, dark milk chocolate, dark pecan coconut or pretzel toffee.

Those who love chocolate should try the Dutch Chocolate of Tony's Chocolonely and get to know the great quality and variety of chocolate from the Netherlands.

Droste Chocolate - classic chocolate from Holland with tradition

When you think of chocolate brands in this country, Milka probably comes first. In the Netherlands, the Droste brand would be synonymous with Milka's reputation. Especially the older generations in the Netherlands grew up with the small chocolate pastilles of Droste. Incredibly creamy taste and full-bodied chocolate.

The history of Droste chocolate goes back to the 19th century and has its origins in the Dutch city of Haarlem. In 1863 Geradus Johannes Droste decided to open a pastry shop here. As a special highlight, Mr. Droste sells small chocolate pastilles under the name Droste. With chocolate specialties such as cocoa and pastilles, Droste has grown into a globally renowned chocolate brand with a wide range of the best chocolate products.
Droste's Dutch chocolate is available in the festive praline packaging with the original pastilles and other chocolate designs. A very nice gift idea for friends of good chocolate from the Netherlands.

Sugar-free chocolate

In a conscious lifestyle, too much sugar doesn't fit in. De Bron knows all about this and therefore makes delicious chocolate: without sugar! The added sugars from regular chocolate have been omitted; instead, the Bron chocolate is sweetened with sweeteners. You can choose from all kinds of flavours, such as dark chocolate or milk chocolate with strawberries. View more sugar-free products here.

Sprinkles and flakes

When we talk about chocolate, we can't skip our favourite Dutch sandwich filling. For chocolate sprinkles, flakes and chocolate paste you can of course visit Hollandshop24. In our assortment you will find sprinkles and flakes from top brands such as Venz and De Ruijter. Would you like a cup of creamy chocolate milk? Then take a look at our range of Chocomel.

Buying chocolate from the Netherlands

Would you like to enjoy a piece of Tony Chocolonely chocolate with a cup of tea? Or enjoy a Dutch sandwich with sprinkles? Order your favourite Dutch foods online at Hollandshop24. In our webshop you will find delicious chocolate from your motherland. From Chocomel to flakes and from sugar-free chocolate to Droste pastilles: we have it all. And in the right season, of course, we also sell peppercorns, with or without a layer of chocolate. Order your chocolate quickly online with us!