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de Bron liquorice and sweets

De Bron is a Dutch confectionery manufacturer offering a wide range of the best confectionery and liquorice.

De Bron's sweets are lifestyle sweets and are strongly geared to the requirements of the confectionery market in the Netherlands. De Bron's classic sweets naturally include the best liquorice, but also sugar-free sweets, vegetarian sweets and organic sweets.

De Bron Sugarfree underwent a complete rebranding and became de Bron Lifestyle Candy! Instead of offering only sugar-free products, de Bron now offers sweets for all lifestyles.

Why should you stop enjoying sweets because of your lifestyle? From then on, you can enjoy both. In addition to sweets that focus on lifestyle related health issues such as lactose-free, gluten-free or sugar-free, we will now offer products with added benefits. For example: sweets before, during or after training.

De Bron from the Netherlands produces sweets with the following values. For the presentation, thumbs in different colours are shown as a logo in order to identify the articles from each other:

Sugar-free: Sugar Free, as the name suggests, is produced without the addition of sugar. For the production of these delicious products we use sweeteners instead of sugar. Recognizable by the blue thumb.
Lactose-free: The products that are free of dairy products such as milk, butter and eggs can be made with vegetable dairy products. A delicious alternative for people with milk allergies. Represented by a red thumb.
Veggie: Suitable for vegetarians, the products labelled as vegetarian are produced without ingredients of animal origin. You can recognize them by their light green thumbs.
Confectionery with an organic background: Many products are certified organic, coloured with plant extracts and also produced without gelatine. Not only suitable for conscious consumers, but also for vegetarians. Recognizable by the yellow thumb.
Fewer calories: Our low-calorie lifestyle suits those who are looking for a responsible but delicious treat. Of course it's better to eat an orange, but with our products you can now enjoy sweets that fit your low-calorie lifestyle. Represented by a pink thumb.
No added sugar: Our products contain only natural sugars as opposed to added sugars. During the production process, we use sweeteners to make these delicious products. They are recognized by the green thumb.
Gluten-free: Gluten is a protein found naturally in wheat, rye, barley and spelt. The products with a yellow thumb are gluten-free and therefore perfect for people with a gluten allergy.