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Spices from the Netherlands

Meat, fish or chicken at its best? You can do this by adding a spice mix to the food. Fortunately, you can find many different kinds of herbs abroad, but you have not yet come across the mixes from Verstegen or Conimex. Let alone herbs for stew. That's why you can order these herb mixes online at Hollandshop24, so that you can taste your dishes on the other side of the world as well. In addition to herb mixes, you will also find other Dutch foods such as sauces. All these products are shipped worldwide and that in Europe within a few working days.

Herbs for meat

Flavouring meat is done with the right spices. There are many types of herbs, but in fact nothing tastes as good as the meatballs that your mother used to spin. Of course, she did this with the meat seasoning mix from the Dutch supermarket. Thanks to Hollandshop24 you don't have to work with salt, nutmeg and coriander powder yourself, but you can simply order a bag of herbs for the meatballs online. If you're still ordering Dutch food, you might as well add a mix for nasi or noodles to your shopping cart. Or the bags from Duyvis to make your own dips to go with the meat or barbecue. Tasty!

Verstegen herbs

At Verstegen they travel all over the world to make the best herbal mixes. Do you long for the Verstegen herbs to flavour the bacon slices and minced meat just as well as your mother used to do in the Netherlands? At Hollandshop24 we have included several Verstegen herbs in our range for Dutch people who live abroad. With these mixes, every dish will be a success!

Herbs for stew

If you ask Dutch people living abroad what they miss from the Dutch kitchen, stew is often the answer you get. This typical winter dish is available in many varieties such as kale with sausage, stew or endive stew. But your homemade stew only tastes the same as in the past when the right herbs have been added. In our assortment you will find herbs for stew such as the Verstegen mix for stew and the mix for kale. Many of the herb mixes you used in the Netherlands can easily be ordered online at Hollandshop24. With a fast and worldwide shipment you will have your favorite Dutch herbs in your home very soon!