Dutch Cookies & Cake

 Buy Dutch cookies and Biscuits online

For the real Dutch feeling you want to eat a syrup waffle, Café Noir or stuffed cake with your coffee. And you can, if you buy biscuits at Hollandshop24! With us you can buy your favourite cake and cake from the Netherlands online. We ship worldwide, so even in Australia or Canada you can eat a marrow pipe or gingerbread. In our assortment you will find Dutch top brands like Gouden Aar, LU, Daelmans, Peijnenburg, Verkade and Bolletje. Do you live in the European Union? Then you can expect your parcel of Dutch biscuits within four working days at home.

Buy syrup waffle online

Syrup waffles are even known abroad! It is therefore the cake that is most popular with Dutch people abroad. Therefore, the syrup waffle should not be missing in your shopping cart. We have delicious syrup waffles, filled with soft caramel. They become extra tasty if you put them in the microwave or oven for a while. Another delicious luxury cake is of course the stuffed cake, apple cake and butter cake. We have also included these in our assortment. Prefer smaller cookies? Then choose mini syrup waffles!

Breakfast cake, small cookies and savory rolls

A popular snack for the Dutch are sausage rolls and sausage rolls. And they are often not available abroad. That is why you can order them from us! Just like delicious gingerbread and candy towel. Finally, you will find in our wide range of Dutch biscuits the delicious bastogne biscuit of LU, sprits of Verkade, goat legs and coconut biscuits and of course the real Enkhuizer jodekoek.

Peppercuts and spreading material for Sinterklaas

What do peppercuts, spreading material, breastplate, tough tough and filled speculaas have in common? These are all delicacies that we mainly eat around Sinterklaas. Would you like to continue this tradition while living abroad? Then take a look at our Sinterklaas candy range. Sinterklaas candy is not available all year round, but in the right season it is. Of course we also sell speculaas, all kinds of peppercuts and herb nuts, with or without chocolate.

Order syrup waffle and filled biscuits online

Are you looking for a webshop where you can order caramel waffles, Jodekoek and speculaas? Then you have come to the right place! We have delicious Dutch biscuits, but you can also visit Hollandshop24 for Dutch drinks such as Chocomel and Fristi and typical Dutch spreads. Order your favorite biscuit products, such as Café Noir van Verkade and breakfast cake van Peijenburg online with us! You will receive your parcel of biscuits within two working days if you live in Germany. Shipping of Dutch products to the US takes about ten working days.