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Smoked sausage and garnish

Garnish is usually a side dish with meat, fish, chicken or in a soup. It completes a dish. Because what is pea soup without smoked sausage? Or a pancake without peasant boys? Especially with older people, the latter is a popular combination. If you live abroad, such Dutch food is a treat. That is why at Hollandshop24 you can easily and quickly order trimmings that you used to eat in the Netherlands. And whether you live in France or New Zealand, we ship your order worldwide.

Smoked sausage

A cup of pea soup or kale stew should be accompanied by the typically Dutch smoked sausage. Even if you live in America or in a picturesque village in Italy. Can't you enjoy a stew or pea soup without this delicious smoked sausage? Then we have good news: you can order the Gelderland smoked sausage from Unox in our shop. Thanks to our worldwide shipment, you can even enjoy a typical Dutch meal in the far corners of the world. The Gelderland smoked sausage from Unox only needs to be warmed up in hot water and is suitable for 2 to 3 persons.

Croma tray and roast

When you emigrate abroad, it is often necessary to look for products in the foreign supermarket that are similar to the Dutch food products. You are often familiar with the taste of the Dutch brands. That is why Hollandshop24 has added typical Dutch food to its shop, and that goes beyond syrup waffles, Calvé Peanut butter and liquorice. You can also order the well-known brands in the field of baking and roasting from us. We make it possible for you to simply bake a piece of meat in Croma Bakken & Braden or Blue Band Bakken & Braden.

Other Dutch trimmings

In addition to the smoked sausage from Unox and the frying and roasting butter from Croma or Blue Band, we also have other Dutch garniture in our assortment. What about the old-fashioned peasant boys? The Eliterna farm boys - raisins on home-distilled spicy brandy - can be taken as a snack or aperitif, but is also delicious as a garnish with the pancake or because of the apple pie. But the pears from Aarts are also a delicious treat for dinner. Dutch garnish that you really can't miss! Because of the sophisticated shipping you can soon enjoy your package with trimmings of for example Eliterna or Aarts and our other typical Dutch food. Order them