Shipping Costs



The legal situation obliges us to show you the shipping costs immediately with the respective article. Of course we want to do justice to this legal situation. However, an exact indication of the shipping costs is not always possible for technical and organizational reasons. The shipping costs can change depending on the weight. If you order multiple items for one shipment and one weight class is not exceeded, you will pay only that weight class. Multiple items in one shipment minimize shipping costs per item.

The displayed shipping costs are therefore only a minimum (by post domestic normal), with which you must expect in any case, as if you only order this one item. Even if you order multiple items and the first weight class is not exceeded, you no longer pay for the shipping costs.

An exact calculation of shipping costs will be made when you complete your order and go to checkout. They will be shown in the summary depending on your selection.

You will receive your invoice directly from us by e-mail, the package is just a delivery note.
If, for technical or logistical reasons, a shipment takes place in several stages, we will, of course, charge the shipping costs only once.

Within Germany, you pay with us no island surcharge.

We ship to our shipping partner: DHL

Please note:
You will always receive an email from us when your order is shipped. We are not responsible for how long your order is traveling. You can track your package online at any time with a mailing number. If the delivery person does not meet you at the delivery address, you will be notified of the delivery attempt by a notification card and your parcel will be deposited in the parcel shop near you. If you do not pick up the parcel in the parcel shop (if you are not at home), the parcel will be automatically returned to us after 1 week. The costs for the return are borne by us, the costs for a renewed sending carry the buyer.

The exact shipping costs can be found in the following tables:

In Germany you don't pay any Shippingcosts when you spend more then € 69,-

Shipping Cost in Germany:

Till 2 Kg

Till 10 Kg

Till 20 Kg

Till 31 Kg


€ 4,90

€ 6,90

€ 6,90

                € 6,90

Shipping Cost foreign countries:

Till 2 Kg

Till 5 Kg

Till 10 Kg

Till 20 Kg

Till 31 Kg

Zone 1


€ 11,49




Zone 2






Zone 3


€ 32,99




Zone 4

€ 28,99





Zone 1:

Zone 2:

Zone 3:

Zone 4: Rest of the world
All countries and territories not assigned to zones 1, 2 or 3.


Please note that cross-border deliveries may result in other taxes (as in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and / or duties in the form of fees that may be borne by you.

You too are responsible for allowing the goods to be imported at all, such as cheese or sausage to the USA or Australia.

Shipping of frozen goods

All frozen products will be shipped to us at the beginning of the week. We ship weekly on Monday and Wednesday.
Wednesday is always the last (frozen) shipping day, so that the goods before the weekend is also at the customer.
We get the dry ice with which we ship from another company where we also have to pre-order.
Orders are always shipped after order receipt on the following shipping date. (Frozen) orders that arrive until Friday 12:00 pm usually go out on Mondays, orders that arrive until Tuesday 12:00 pm on Wednesday.
Please consider this with your order!

The snacks and other frozen snacks are shipped frozen in a styrofoam box with dry ice. The ice keeps the goods frozen until they arrive. After shipping, you will receive a shipping notification from us with tracking code from DHL. Please make sure that you can accept the package and immediately freeze the goods again, so that the cold chain is not interrupted. For acceptance delay, we assume no liability.

We also deliver frozen snacks to Austria. Because the shipping takes longer than in Germany, we ship frozen goods only on Monday to Austria.

In the weeks where there are holidays, we are unfortunately forced to adjust our shipping days and possibly postpone so that the goods arrive in the frozen state at you.

If you have further questions about our shipping costs, feel free to contact us.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.