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Chilli Sauce

Chilli sauce

Chilli sauce is a sauce made from chilli peppers. It is widely used in Thai and Chinese dishes. Chilli sauce is quite thin and is used as a sauce or marinade, but you can also cook with it. In our assortment you will find all kinds of chilli sauce: from sweet sauce to very spicy and sour sauce with chili peppers. We sell chilli sauce from Go Tan, Conimex and Inproba.

Sweet Chili Sauce

Sweet chili sauce is a chili sauce with a sweet taste. This mild sauce is delicious to combine with meat dishes and is also often eaten on spring rolls. The sweet chili sauces of Conimix, Inproba and Go Tan are very versatile. You can use them for Asian dishes, but also for typical Dutch dishes such as frikandells and bitterballs.

Order hot chili sauce and other oriental sauces

In addition to hot chilli sauce and sweet chilli sauce, Hollandshop24 also offers many other tasty oriental sauces and spices. With peanut sauce you can make your rice dishes and skewers complete, for example. And with sambal you can give the oriental meal as much flavour and spice as you want. From now on, you no longer have to look for soy sauce, satay sauce or chilli sauce in shops near you. You can easily order the sauces from us.

Buy Chilli sauce from the Netherlands online

Buy your Asian chilli sauce online at Hollandshop24. You will soon have the Sweet Chili Sauce from Go Tan, the Sweet & Sour sauce from Inproba or hot Chili Sauce from the same brand. All orders you place with us can be shipped worldwide. If you live in Germany, you will receive your package within two working days. If you live in the EU, that is about four working days. For the rest of Europe there is a delivery time of five to seven working days. If you live in the US, you only have to wait about ten working days for your package to arrive.