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Chilli Sauce

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Chilli sauce from dutch top brands Conimex & Go Tan order online

Chilli sauce is a popular product to refine your Indonesian dishes. In the Netherlands, chili sauce (Chili Saus) is a seasoning sauce that should not be missing in any household. Chilly sauce is available both in its pure spiciness and as a sweet variant: Sweet chili sauce, which is particularly popular with Indonesian dishes.

With us you can order chili sauces of the brands Calvé, Go Tan, Eagle and Conimex online. Each sauce has its own delicious taste and different intensity in the spiciness of the chili sauce.


Use of chili sauce in Holland

Chili sauce is often eaten in the Netherlands with Dutch-Indonesian snacks, e.g. with Loempia (spring rolls) or Mini-Loempias (small spring rolls). Chili sauce is also a classic accompaniment to Indonesian dishes with rice and chicken, but also for grilling and dipping with crab bread, chili sauce is a treat for the palate.

The sweet-hot taste of the Chilisaus also tastes very good with Dutch snacks of all kinds, like Frikandel, Bitterballen and Co. An insider tip is to mix the chili sauce with mayonnaise 1:1 and eat it with your Dutch snacks. Simply delicious and creamy! The most popular Dutch brands for sweet chili sauces are Conimex or Go Tan.