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Sugar-free food

Sugar-free eating is a growing trend. People do it to become healthier, to get diseases under control and also just because it is very tasty. Your favourite sugar-free food from the Netherlands, such as sugar-free chocolate and sugar-free drinks, can easily be purchased online at Hollandshop24. We ship worldwide, so you can also enjoy in France and the USA without feeling guilty.

Chocolate without sugar

Sugar-free or no added chocolate sounds almost too good to be true, but it isn't! The Bron chocolate is made in such a way that it contains only natural sugars. No extra sugar is added to the chocolate. Because of this, and the fact that they contain an extra high percentage of cocoa, the chocolate is a lot healthier than chocolate with added sugars. In our assortment you will also find chocolate spread with less sugar. For example, the Céréal brand's hazelnut paste and sprinkles are produced with less sugar than regular varieties.

Candy and liquorice with less sugar

Would you like to enjoy a sugar-free liquorice or candy? Then Hollandshop24 is the right place for you. In our assortment you will find a large quantity of sugar-free sweets. This varies from sugar-free peppermint to toffees without sugar and from sugar-free liquorice from Klene to wine gums. De Bron also has all kinds of sugar-free liquorice in its range, such as salty liquorice and liquorice balls.

Order sugar-free food online

Order your favourite sugar-free foods online at Hollandshop24. Enjoy syrup waffles with less sugar, Karvan Cevitam syrup without added sugar or peanut butter from Calvé. We ship our sugar-free foods and products with less sugar worldwide. If you live in Germany, you can expect the package within one to two working days. Within the European Union there is a delivery time of four working days. Do you live in Europe, but not in the EU? Then it will take about five to seven working days for your Dutch food to be delivered. And for people who live further away, such as in the US, the delivery time is approximately ten working days. What are you waiting for? Order sugar-free food online now at Hollandshop24!