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Dutch Cheese

Cheese from the Netherlands

We Dutch are cheese heads: cheese on bread, biscuits, a cube on a birthday and of course cheese on a sandwich. Would you like to enjoy real Dutch cheese abroad? Then order cheese from the Netherlands online at Hollandshop24. In our assortment you will find all kinds of delicious cheeses. These are vacuum packed, so they can be shipped. Whether you choose an old cheese or a young Gouda cheese: we have it. Quiet your homesickness for Dutch food with our cheeses.

Dutch cheese

No cheese tastes as good as Dutch cheese. We are of course biased as Dutch, but Gouda cheese is really tastier than a piece of cheddar on bread. In our assortment you can choose from different Dutch cheeses. In addition to pieces of cheese, we also sell delicious creamy cheese spread. ERU's Goudkuipje smearkaas comes in several varieties: a mild natural taste, but also a spicy sambal taste. Do you like a different taste? Then choose the cumin cheese that you will find in our assortment. Extra tasty, because of the cumin it contains.

Gouda cheese

Do you like a subtle, soft taste? Then young cheese is probably your favourite. Young ripened cheese is slightly spicier, ripened cheese has an even fuller flavour. Old cheese has matured the longest and has an intense, salty and spicy taste. Order a nice large piece of cheese right away, so you can enjoy it with your whole family. Don't have a cheese slicer in your foreign kitchen yet? You can also buy these from us! We have a cheese slicer in our assortment with a nice handle with Delft blue painting.

Ordering cheese online

Order your delicious Dutch cheese online at Hollandshop24. Your matured young, old or cumin cheese will be delivered quickly if you order it from us. Within Germany the order will be delivered within one to two working days. Within the EU it takes about four working days, outside the European Union five to seven working days. If your package of Dutch cheese is flown to the United States, it will take about ten working days for you to receive it. In addition to cheese, we also have delicious cheese spread! What are you waiting for? Order your Dutch cheese quickly online at Hollandshop24!