Dutch Sauces and Herbs

Sauce from the Netherlands

French fries sauce is not a product that you can easily buy abroad. The same goes for Zaanse mayonnaise, mustard sauce or Verstegen herb mix for meat and fish. That is why you can buy this often typical Dutch sauce and herbs at Hollandshop24. Nothing tastes as good as a salad with the real Calvé salad sauce. Or a frikandel with curry gewürz by Remia. All our products can be bought online and are shipped worldwide by us. So even in Australia or Thailand you can enjoy real Remia mayonnaise.

Calve, Zaanse mayonnaise and remia frites sauce

Zaanse mayonnaise, who doesn't know him? This delicious creamy mayonnaise tastes excellent on everything. From chips of mayo to fried potatoes or an old-fashioned meatball. It is not only available in the recognizable tube, but also in a large pot. Besides Zaanse mayonnaise from Van Wijngaarden you can also come to us for other top brands, such as Calvé and Remia. We also have French fries sauce and mayonnaise from these two brands, but also other types of sauce.

Mustard sauce, piccalilly and whiskey-cocktail sauce

Buy your mustard sauce, piccalilly, whiskey sauce, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, mad sauce and friesauce online today at Hollandshop24. You can then quickly enjoy these delicacies. Of course we also sell satay sauce from Wijko and Calvé. Our salad sauce and herb mixes from Verstegen also ensure that your nostalgia for Dutch products is immediately reduced.

Dutch Herbs and Spices for minced meat and shoarma

Prepare meat and fish in the desired way with Verstegen's handy herb mixes in a large can. Besides these mixes for minced meat, chicken, fish and shoarma we also sell Verstegen herbs online for stew as a stew and kale. And let's not forget the delicious herbs of Duyvis, such as for dipsauzen or to make herb butter yourself.

Buy dutch Mayonnaise and frites sauce online

French fries with mayonnaise, a hot dog with mustard sauce or a delicious piccalilly glob on your kale or cheese sandwich. If you order your favourite Dutch food at Hollandshop24 you can also enjoy these kinds of delicacies abroad. Combine your Dutch fries war with Wijko satay sauce with Zaanse mayonnaise and shredded onions and it is as if you are back in the Holland. Within Germany we deliver within one to two working days. Within the EU within four days, within the rest of Europe within five to seven working days in the US you can expect your parcel within ten working days.