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Sweet Liquorice

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Sweet Dutch liquorice

One of the Dutch specialities is of course liquorice. Liquorice is available in the Netherlands in a large selection and from many well-known brands.

In this category you will find sweet liquorice specialities from Holland. As with all our articles, these are original products from the Netherlands.

Well-known liquorice brands such as Venco, Klene, Harlekijntjes or Oltimers offer a colourful selection of sweet Dutch liquorice. Besides the well-known sweet liquorice taler from Holland, school chalk in black and white, soft sweet liquorice, we also offer you sugar-free, sweet Dutch liquorice and liquorice mixtures with fruit gum.

Venco also offers sweet liquorice blends in the so-called Pondspak. These are 500 g packs for the somewhat larger liquorice hunger. If you would like to give sweet, Dutch liquorice as a gift, the best choice is the traditional liquorice packaging of vintage cars. Here you can get the classic liquorice from the Netherlands with tradition as well as Scheepsknopen Drop or Zoethoudertjes Drop.

Which is the most popular sweet liquorice?
Popular liquorice from Holland are for example Engelse Drop. This is a colourful liquorice mixture. However, the most popular Dutch liquorice with a sweet taste is probably Muntdrop or Muntendrop. These are small thaler-shaped liquorice with a slightly sweet taste and a slightly harder consistency. Also liquorice in combination with ammonia tastes very good to most Germans and is sold a lot in this country. If you prefer it soft and sweet, the best mixtures are Droptoefjes or Krakend & Zacht from the Venco brand.