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Dutch Drinks & Food

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Order food and groceries from Holland online?

You can do that with us! At Hollandshop24 you can order products from Holland online and have them conveniently sent to your home - worldwide. Like a Dutch supermarket on the Internet! Hollandshop24 offers internationally renowned Dutch foods such as Calvé Pindakaas (Dutch peanut butter), Lotus Speculoos, Stroopwafels, Pickwick tea or Dutch liquorice (drop). In addition, we also carry Dutch specialities in our assortment that are not available everywhere in the net, such as vanilla and chocolate vla (long-life), various Duyvis dip sauces, various varieties of De Ruijter Hagelslag (Dutch chocolate sprinkles) and almost the entire Conimex range. The offer is rounded off with Dutch poffertjes and many other baked products such as pancakes (Pannenkoek) and Dutch delicacies such as Ontbijtkoek or Beschuit (Dutch rusk).